Jessica Alba Keeps it Real, The Honest Company

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 28 - 2014
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“It’s one thing to be Eco for the environment, but it another to be healthy for your kid.”

~Jessica Alba

The Stork Magazine talks with Jessica Alba about her new business venture and motherhood. Last year, Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan launched a new company of Eco products. The Honest Company offers a one stop shop for moms to have all of their basic needs met for their baby care with toxin free products.

The Stork Magazine: We love the The Honest Company and what it stands for. Thank you for doing this for women. What inspired you to start this?

Jessica Alba: Thank you. It’s been a really interesting and amazing ride. My first daughter Honor inspired me.  Being a new mom with basic needs that needed to be met and wanting them to be met without toxins. The search was exhausting and time consuming. Half hazard and confusing. You buy something and pay extra for Eco, but then the materials were just green washed and was not completely organic and had the toxins I was trying to avoid.

The Stork Magazine: What products were you looking for?

Jessica Alba: Everything from dish washing soap to diapers. You pay a certain amount of money and put a certain color diaper on your kid thinking it’s going to be healthier, but inside it’s the same as any other diaper.

The Stork Magazine: Seems that people are under false illusion. There are many hidden facts.

Jessica Alba: A lot of toxic chemicals are hidden in the fragrance and you cannot get full disclosure on what’s inside most diapers, especially the more conventional brands. When Honor was 6 months old her diaper exploded and she was eating the the little beads. I totally freaked and lost my mind. I called 911. I looked on line trying to get the ingredients and called my pediatrician. It did not look healthy.

Embarking on creating a eco home for her children, throwing away everything that might be harmful she called her now co founder of the Honest Company Christopher.  They discussed her trepidation and difficulties in trying to create a healthy toxin free home. She was perplexed about why there wasn’t one company that could satisfy all of the basic needs and that has the honest research to credibly disclose.

Jessica Alba: In all of my research, I wondered why does anything Eco have to be ugly. We are modern people. The oatmeal color and the green leaf doesn’t make a product healthy or organic.

The Stork Magazine: No one would call themselves the Honest Company unless they were authentic.

Jessica Alba: Knowing that someone is going to punch holes in you. We decided to make this company because we were frustrated.

The Stork Magazine: People close to your heart helped pick scents and some product. What’s Honor’s favorite.

Jessica Alba: Honor is obsessed with the shampoo. She likes the vanilla orange tangerine flavors from the body care line. I like everything from dish soap to the laundry detergent, because it actually works. I love it all. I love the counter spray and spray it just because it smells good.

The Stork Magazine: The Honest Company products are affordable and you pay it forward with Baby to Baby. Tell us about that.

Jessica Alba: I do a lot of non profit work advocacy for injustices for women and children.  Imbedded in the DNA of the company, we want to give families in need a better shot.  While we are trying to make our children’s life better, those that are less fortunate than we are should be able to do the same.

There are moments throughout the interview Jessica stops to coo and acknowledge Haven who has just been gifted a bouncy seat from her grandparents and she seems to be enjoying herself and Jessica’s voice changes pitch to the mother-ease to encourage the good time. Her laughter is infectious.

The Stork Magazine: How do you balance your Hollywood Career, Motherhood and The Honest Company?

Jessica Alba: I don’t.

We both laugh.  Her genuinely  honest answer reveals what so many women struggle with. It really is in a sense refreshing to know that we are not alone in our feelings of not having enough time and that we can do our best and be ok with that.

Jessica Alba: I am always pulled in way too many directions. I am always feeling overwhelmed. I’d love to clone myself and I’d love a 48 hour day. There is a give and take.  If I am not giving 100% to one thing then I have to sacrifice something.

If I find that I am spending evenings out then, I have morning with the kids. If  I have a busy morning with meetings, then I make sure I am home in the afternoon and evening with the kids. Prioritizing my time so they feel like they are the priority. I mean sometimes I just want to come home and give them a bath and cuddle.

I don’t think that there is any perfect world where a mom feels like she is doing everything awesome. The only thing you can do is your best. Make sure your kids are loved and are the priority.

Jessica has created a kids corner at work.  Havens high chair is connected to her desk and Honor’s school is only a few blocks away from the office. Jessica is at the office 3-4 days a week. So there is some balance.

The Stork Magazine: Does your husband help out? Does he become Mr. Mom sometimes?

Jessica Alba: Yes, totally. He’s a great diaper changer. He’ll do dinner and lunch. He can do everything.  Sometimes he let’s me go out on the weekend and and get my nails done with my girl friends.

The Stork Magazine: If you have one suggestion for new moms to help make their life better what would that be?

Jessica Alba: It doesn’t hurt to do your homework. Read up on stuff and learn about it.  It’s never too late to learn about things that have to do with your child.  Talk to other parents. Now as a mom the most valuable thing I have in my life are my girlfriends.  My Mom friends are my sounding board and a support group. – It’s really nice.

Thank You Jessica Alba for keeping it real with us on being a career mom and mompreneur.

 Look for The Honest Company already launched and offering memberships.

Sign up today. ~Liza

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  1. Lauren (Good) Kaufmann says:

    So inspiring to read about J.A. story and how the Honest Co all began!

  2. Michelle says:

    I have to say, I am a fan of just about all of the Honest Co’s products (especially the bath line). Prices are steep for house/cleaning supplies, but I think it’s worth it to have the kid-friendly ingredients vs. traditional products. I also find the scents to be pleasant, which is rare with my super-sensitive pregnancy nose!

  3. Michelle says:

    Forgot to say: I am trying the diapers next (when my baby is born). Will report back with my thoughts!

  4. Camila Damas says:

    Oh cool. I
    Didn’t know it was her brand. Now I wanna try it out:)