Keep your Sexy on

Posted by Lizette Alicea April - 13 - 2012
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Towards the end of your pregnancy you may want to begin purchasing nursing bras. No worries, just because you’re nursing doesn’t mean you have to give up feeling sexy. Lingerie is the simplest detail that always helps you feel pretty and feminine. Some women wear sexy lingerie under their gym clothes. Some under their power suits and some just around the house.  It’s their little secret. Feeling sensual breeds self-love. If you are nursing treat yourself to pretty nursing bras that make you smile.

How you manage your attitude is apparent in your apparel. So why not bring on the sexy? You don’t need to wear a nursing bra that screams, “Baby Feeder.” There are so many options and looks that don’t compromise functionality nor comfort in nursing wear. Slip into something that helps you express yourself!

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  1. May Lindstrom says:

    This is a great reminder… do you have lingerie brands that you especially recommend during pregnancy? There are many options out there now for materntiy, but it is hard to tell (especially when shopping online) who really offers the best quality pieces – ones that are comfortable, practical AND sexy.