Kristen Dalton (former Miss USA) now shines as a Maternity Model!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 4 - 2017
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Kristen Dalton, former Miss USA, stops by Expecting Models for a maternity photo shoot with Liza Elliott-Ramirez to update her pregnancy photos. Together they share on-set chemistry as Liza click’s away with passion! Dalton poses like a pro, capturing her moments of the joy of being an expectant mom! Dalton is one spectacular women who inspires others  to be their personal best. One cannot help but smile in her presence! She sparkles with love that’s contagious!

Kristen Dalton is the founder of She is More and shares her journey during this precious time as an expectant mom!

Expecting Models is keeping her busy with maternity castings and now that her belly has popped, her maternity model schedule for Pregnancy Fashion Campaigns has become quite booked!

Kristen Dalton- PREGNANT


Dalton shares:

This last week has been incredibly tough. I felt like I am my 16 year old emotional self again. I probably had a crying attack every other day for no reason or not a great one. My capacity for stress is much lower than normal. I am hosting and producing a show, planning a conference, a retreat, Kris’s birthday, working on … CONTINUE

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