Labor and Delivery Tips

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 7 - 2014
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Have you ever been in a group of woman where one is pregnant? Before you can blink your eyes, all the moms will start sharing their stories, offer opinions and advice. Even though some first time moms spend endless hours reading much about labor and delivery, no one can predict your personal experience.

Not a sole can forecast when labor will begin,  how long, or what complications may arise. But some things about birth are constant and talking to moms with experience can help you find the concentration you need.

Staying calm is the number one rule. Panicking is not an option. Having a supportive coach or midwife can be very helpful. It’s soothing to be able to lean on someone you trust.

Music can help relax you during labor. A device on hand with stored music variations can help cope with the different stages of labor. During contractions it’s recommend that you sleep or rest if you can.

Labor and Delivery- Lluvy Gomez of #ANTMLluvy Gomez of America’s Next Top Model: Labor and Delivery

Create your safe haven. If having your hair touched or your arms stroked soothe you, ask your midwife, partner or friend to do so. Many women may experience the chills, so bring warm socks, a sweater or your favorite blanket.

Breathe. Some moms focus on Lamaze techniques or meditation to get them through the toughest parts of labor, while others will opt for an epidural. But if you expected a stress-free, natural birth and you end up with a 30 hour marathon, you might need a little extra help.

Expect the unexpected. Every mom-to-be has their labor wish list. Labor is not a day at the beach that’s why they call it labor. Plan ahead, not just for your baby but yourself. Motherhood is selfless so be sure to start taking care of your basic needs now. Healthy mom means healthy baby!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Michelle F. says:

    Love the music playlist idea (and adding warmer socks to my bag now!). I absolutely cannot wait for my baby’s arrival!

  2. Camila Damas says:

    All I can think about is the ammount of food I’m gonna take before I go to the hospital lol. Last time I starved because the don’t let u eat. So this time I’m eating a meal that is worth for 2. I also will be bringing this time more of my cozy clothes and robes,pjs etc… For the hospital for after I have the baby. I’m so much more calmer this time. As the first time I was panicking about the epidural more than anything,even more than having the baby. Now I know how chilled it is. So I’m really happy. And looking foward for this great expirience again