Lamaze Lessons- Are they still important?

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez July - 11 - 2013
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Lamaze classes while once a right of passage, have turned into an obstruction that is skipped by several expecting moms. The Stork Magazine thinks the Lamaze lessons are still important for pregnant moms.

Lamaze Classes Important

Childbirth classes have recently become a burden that several expecting mothers decide to pass on. Many trace the cause back to the suffering economy and the lack of time for a several-week course. In addition, since epidurals are more popular now than ever, women are figuring that the breathing exercises are less important to learn. However, epidurals have risks at times and a natural birth could be your result. Also several mothers decide that they want to get their information from family, friends, and the television instead of taking classes. Staying prepared for natural childbirth with classes will ease you into labor and delivery.

Not only will the classes prepare you physically, but also they will help you bond with other expecting mothers and you can get some advice from other mothers who have “been there done that.” Childbirth classes are also known for connecting with you partner and have them be prepared for how to help you during labor and delivery.

Since women are attending in-studio childbirth classes less, several places are now offering classes online and private lessons, accommodating those who do not have time for weekly Lamaze lessons. Childbirth education will be something you will not regret, especially when you go into labor. You do not want your first lessons to be during labor, especially. The instruction will not only stabilize you body but also your mind so you are not stressing at the last-minute if your delivery does not go according to plan. Once your little one arrives, all the effort and education will be worth it.

Did you take or are you taking Lamaze classes? Are they helpful? And would you recommend them to other expecting moms and Expecting Model moms?

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