Larisa Fraser Braun: Maternity High Fashion Industry Takeover

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 31 - 2014
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Our Interview with Maternity Model sensation: Mrs. Larisa Fraser Braun:

Model Larisa Fraser Braun married to The Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun is a maternity high fashion industry takeover. Dark Brown Hair, bright blue/green eyes, long slender legs, and all belly, Fraser Braun has swept the nation as a one of the top leading maternity super models.

Adding to her list of already outstanding credits, Mrs. Fraser Braun can be seen on the cover of Pregnancy and Newborn’s Buyer’s Guide, Gap Maternity, and the newest trending Preggo leggings that go with everything in your wardrobe.

Larisa Fraser Braun- Model- Expecting ModelsThe Stork Magazine: What has been your favorite part of maternity modeling?

Larisa: My favorite part of maternity modeling has been the fact that bigger is better! The first time I went into meet with Expecting Models they told me to “go eat a burrito and come back.”

Larisa Fraser Hines for Gap Maternity- Expecting Models Agency

The Stork Magazine: How do you deal with all the traveling required to be a maternity model? As an expectant mom, how do you cure jet-lag?

Larisa: Traveling during pregnancy was definitely an adjustment, at first I was so dehydrated that I would get terrible leg cramps in the middle of the night. I was exhausted after each trip. I drank double the amount of water I typically would while traveling, (sometimes with packets of vitamin c). I’d wear comfortable pants and shoes, apply hand sanitizer, and go for walks. I did lots of prenatal yoga to stretch everything out before bed which really helped my travels.

The Stork Magazine: Your husband Ryan Braun has a demanding career, together how to you manage your career as a pregnant model and Ryan’s baseball schedule?

Larisa: I write down Ryan’s schedule at the beginning of every year so that when a job comes up I can see where I may be and plan flights from there. When I book a job I write it down for him in his calendar so he doesn’t have to worry about it. He has no control over his schedule so it’s up to me to be where he is if I want to spend time with him.

The Stork Magazine: Are you having a boy or girl? Have you selected any names?

Larisa: We are having a girl. We have picked a name but we haven’t told anyone… at least not on purpose. I seem to let things slip often when I’m talking about her.

The Stork Magazine: How excited is your husband to be a new dad?

Larisa: Ryan is very excited. I feel really lucky to have a husband that already feels like he really loves and knows our daughter. He reads to both of us at night when he’s in town and talks about all of the things he can’t wait to teach her.

The Stork Magazine: Do you have any specific delivery plans? If so what?

Larisa: Thinking about delivering the baby was always on my mind. I watched a lot of documentaries and read a lot about birth. It was fascinating to me, the whole process is really incredible. We went from a birth center, to a home birth, to a hospital. I have a great doula so I’m pretty confident I can make it through without an epidural… but as long as she comes out healthy I won’t complain.

The Stork Magazine: What’s been your favorite pregnancy modeling job? Why?

Larisa: I loved all of the jobs I did but one of my favorites was probably the Preggo Leggings Job. They were super nice and fun to work with and I honestly loved their product. I will buy them for every one of my pregnant friends in the future. Plus the outfits were fun and I got to do a lot in terms of posing. They even got a shot of me doing a ‘Crow Pose’ from yoga… it wasn’t the exact pose,  given I had a belly but it was cool to see.

Preggo Leggings- Expecting Models- Larisa Fraser Braun

The Stork Magazine: Do you have plans to model with Expecting Models (EM Talent) mom and baby division?

Larisa: I hope to, it would be a wonderful experience to work with my baby but it really just depends on how willing my baby is to cooperate!

The Stork Magazine: What advice would you give any maternity models like you?

Larisa: Take breaks and drink water. You may think you feel fine while you’re working but the next couple of days will wipe you out if you don’t take care of yourself. Eat healthy and practice pre-natal yoga… those two things combined, made me feel completely normal most days.

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