Liza Elliott-Ramirez breaks into modeling at the age of 14

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 9 - 2017
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Liza Elliott-Ramirez breaks into modeling…Right, I remember her! I was 14 years old. Always dreamed of becoming a model. Then, I got lucky enough to book “A Test Shoot!” Back in the good old days, photographers would invest their time to photograph new models in exchange for pictures to use for their portfolio’s. At that time without a developed portfolio, It was impossible to get an appointment to meet with a fashion Top Agent. I really needed to shoot with this photographer!

Liza Elliott-Ramirez- Expecting ModelsSo there I was on set, and asked to pose with a towel. “A towel? What did that mean? Why did the stylist ask me to bring so many wardrobe options? Didn’t they realize I just carried my entire closet to this downtown loft studio, taking the number 6 train all the way from East Harlem?”

Yet, I couldn’t blow this golden opportunity to get racey fashion shots for my book, so I geared up and decided to go with the flow. I  desperately wanted to get signed by Elite Models! But, during those times,  Blonde hair and blue eyes were trending! Twig figures, and absolutely no butt! Those were model requirements!

“Oh no, I’m Puerto Rican. I have a big butt! Maybe I could hide it and wear a long jacket?”

Well #FORDMODELS met with me for 2 seconds, chuckled, handed me my under-developed portfolio and sent me off my merry little way. “Gosh darn it, why couldn’t I be Cheryl Tiggs?” Hey, I showed up!  I was starving, PMS-ing and had a few pimples! “Screw me,” I thought, I’m doomed and in the company of my own negative thoughts. “Did they dismiss me because I wasn’t tall enough, skinny enough, pretty enough?” Oh no, then I thought about my big ass. Shit, how could I ever fit into world of fashion modeling?

After this shoot, I’ve been booked on thousands of Modeling jobs and made a shit load of money!

Today, big asses are in! Heck, I had to hear about mine over and over again! Now, people pay to get one… Yet, I carved quite a career with focus, drive and determination!

After all, how does someone lose weight on their ass alone?

You can comment, however I do have a degree in Exercise Physiology- #beinglatina #Genetics!




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