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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 30 - 2011
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Written by Paula Alonso, author of Treschicmama

Liza Elliott-Ramirez is definitely a multitasker- mother, entrepreneur and reality TV star- it seems like she has it all!  She runs Expecting Models, an agency exclusively dedicated to pregnant models, and she stars in Runway Models reality TV show.  In The Stork Magazine she answered a Q & A where she talked about how Expecting Models came to be and gave valuable beauty tips to maintain the pregnancy glow throughout those first nine months and beyond!  Read on for an excerpt of the interview.

What made you decide to launch Expecting Models? When I became pregnant with my first child, my agent told me to come back when I was to my pre-pregnancy body. I knew there had to be a market for pregnant models, so I started to reach out to clients and companies I thought would be a good fit. There was so much work I was turning jobs down, [so] in 2001, I founded Expecting Models. We are the only agency that specializes in professional pregnant models for the fashion and commercial world.

What’s the best way to take care of your skin throughout your pregnancy? Great skin is the foundation of every pregnancy beauty routine, especially when it’s summer and you’re showing more skin around the beach or pool. For silky skin: moisturize! Exfoliate your body with gentle soap and a coarse cloth in the shower, and then apply Bio-Oil head-to-toe on your skin. Focus on the belly area morning and night.

Bio Oil Belly

Fresh, clean make up is always best: your skin emits a natural glow so don’t cover it up. Powder can make you look older. Tinted moisturizer with SPF, a little bronzer and a soft neutral lip gloss enhances the glow. Add glamour with a smudge of dark liner across the upper lash line. For swelling in the eye zone, apply spoons chilled in the fridge for a few minutes before makeup application.

Pregnant or not, what are the three beauty products you can’t live without?

  1. Bio-Oil: I’m so in love with this product—my son and husband are big fans too. It keeps your skin hydrated and evens out your skin tone.
  2. Eyeliner: It’s one of those quick and easy tools that helps open up your eyes.
  3. Lip gloss: You can just pop it on mirror-free, smoosh up your lips and you’re ready to go.

Lastly, what are you tips for balancing career and motherhood? Don’t place emphasis on having to get the job done during normal business hours, especially if you can work on a freelance basis to spend more time with your kids. In the early days, do your best to sleep when your baby sleeps and time yourself with how long you realistically think you can work with a baby. Actually estimate that something will take you 40 minutes, set a timer and stick to it. That will help you learn about your limits, how long things really take and force you to pay attention to how long you are working. I know it sounds cliché but you have to take time out for you—eat properly, take time to rest and do it as often as you can. Because if mom is falling apart, the family starts to follow suit. Love the job that you do and then leave it at work so you can enjoy the time with your family in body and mind. And remember, from baby onwards…. everything else will be pending!

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