Makeup Sunday- 5 minute fix

Posted by Lizette Alicea February - 4 - 2012
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Expecting Models makeup on Sunday can seem like work, however if you love makeup and after sitting in the makeup seat for hours on location shoots, you’ll appreciate the minimalist approach.

For a flawless fresh look use a concealer that covers any under-eye bags.  Yes, under eye bags from the nighttime feeding or a restless evening can look non-existent. Make them be gone!

A great tool to brighten your face is to use a pencil highlighter on your brow bone and then use it on your inner lid as eyeliner to help eyes pop.

It’s Sunday so you don’t really need eyeliner however, if you are like many and won’t be caught dead without liner, use liquid liner for a crisp look.

On the seventh day, eyelashes do not need a rest. Brush on the mascara.  Work them as always… keep the lashes long and sultry.

A little shimmer goes a log way.  Apply a natural shade in lip-gloss with a bit of shimmer to balance the eyes.

If you are in love with a little glow apply a hint of bronzer to your skin.  It’s healthier than tanning and is great for an overall hint of color.

With this look all you really need to pack is your lip gloss and you are set for the rest of the day.


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