Making Your Birthing Experience Special

Posted by Lauren Robinson April - 4 - 2014
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water birth

It’s ironic to think that the arguably best part of your pregnancy, delivering your healthy baby, could quickly become overwhelming or even intimidating.  It’s always best to have a plan. And it doesn’t matter if you’re only a few weeks along, or if you’re almost at the end of your pregnancy, it’s always a great time to start planning. Whether you prefer a natural birth, a less intensified birthing experience, or even a relaxing water birth for your baby, after reading this you’ll be well on your way to figuring it all out.

Many moms-to-be immediately assume that the medicated way is the best way to go. But the truth is that it depends on what you need, and what you prefer. It does provide additional pain relief, and that is probably the greatest perk to receiving an epidural. And although it will alleviate most of the discomfort, it does come with a few side effects that you should be aware of. Some women do experience a slight itchiness of the arms, chest, and stomach. However, the itchiness shouldn’t be overwhelming, and it will wear off along with the epidural. Also because of the lack of feeling throughout the body, you may need to rely on your doctor to know when it is time to push. Overall the medicated way provides lots of relief.

Now if you’re more of a naturalista, and you prefer to feel your birthing experience, you have at least two options. While some women prefer having a classic experience of being in the hospital room, others prefer a more intimate environment of a water birth. Neither experience is better than the other, it just depends on what makes you more comfortable. With each option, you are still able to have a doctor present to perform routine checks (heart rate, blood pressure, and dilation progression). If you should choose to go with the classic birthing experience, knowing that you have a full medical staff at your fingertips may help relieve stress, and make you more comfortable. Also the classic birth may be easier to plan than a water birthing experience.

Now although water birthing may be a little tougher to sort out, it may actually provide you with more freedom, and a less scripted birthing process. With this process you are able to move more freely, and get a little more comfortable. Also your partner may be able to get more involved with bringing the baby into the world, and sharing that experience would be a great bonding time for the pair of you. With some water births, dim lighting, candles, and music have even been used to sooth the mother. This is definitely a great alternative from what is considered to be the norm.

But no matter what you pick, talking to both your doctor and your partner may help with your decision. Keep in mind that no matter what decision you choose, you should always have one alternative option available if you should change your mind as the due date approaches.

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    I really wanted to do water birth. But I can’t do it without my lovely epidural lol