Manageable Motherhood: The Checklist for Mom and Baby

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez July - 7 - 2014
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Whether you have met your little one or are still awaiting his/her arrival, there are some items you still need for your bundle of joy to make motherhood just a bit easier. Here are a  few suggestions for you motherhood checklist to ease any prenatal stress.

Car seat: A safe car seat is the first essential you will need on your way home from the hospital. Keep your little one safe in the ride.

Stroller: You cannot always hold your baby (as much as you want to). This Britax Ironman stroller is helpful for any active moms and can weather any environment.

Cloth diapers: Whether you plan to use disposable or cloth diapers, you will need a decent amount of both to keep your little one’s new clothing as clean as possible.

Burp cloths: Avoid spit-up accidents with 4-6 burping cloths. Be prepared to go through burping cloths very fast.

Baby Girl Clothes

Comfy Clothes: Keep your little one cozy with some cotton fabrics that are washed before worn. Also never shy away from style for your new baby.

Bath Basics: To keep your new bundle of joy clean, make sure your bath soaps and shampoos are not harsh on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Swaddling Wrap: Because your baby wants to feel as if he/she is still in the womb, swaddling with a wrap is the best alternative for this comfort.

Baby Monitor: Depending on how and where you have your baby in slumber, a baby monitor will allow parents to watch their child from the next room over.

Diaper Bag: Although you have to sacrifice a lot of your bag space for diapers, it does not mean you have to also sacrifice fashion. This turquoise-blue diaper bag from Nest Diaper Bags is a trendy diaper disguise.

Baby Carrier: Hold your baby close with a baby carrier to leave your hands free for shopping, walking around, etc.

Nursing Bra and Breast Pumps: If you plan to breastfeed, stay prepared with a comfortable nursing bra and a pumping system.

With these baby basics, your new motherhood will be manageable and maybe even a breeze.

What are some newborn items you recommend to expecting parents? Are there any items that are commonly forgotten by several moms and dads?

2 Responses so far.

  1. Candice says:

    I think a rocking chair is also a must! I rock my little one to sleep for her bed times. She finds it so soothing and I love watching her drift off to sleep. You can find one at a Goodwill, garage sale, or Babies R Us. Happy Rocking! xo

  2. Camila Damas says:

    Thankfully ill be able to re use all of my daughters furniture for the new baby. Unfortunately the clothes I won’t be able to use since I’m having a boy. I had saved all of her clothes in case I had a girl. I also Wong be able to re use the stroller n car seat since her stroller was pink :/. But I’m happy with the stuff I can re use and save money.