Padding Pregnant Models is the Biggest Advertising Faux Pas!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 27 - 2016
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 A decade ago, when a woman became pregnant, she had to set aside her own personal style in exchange for bland and shapeless maternity wear. Nowadays, with specialty chain stores manufacturing fashionable clothing specifically for the expecting mother, pregnant women everywhere can dress just as stylishly as their non-pregnant counterparts. Although this has made expecting women feel more integrated with today’s maternity fashion and trends, some advertising companies have taken a giant step in the wrong direction. Certain maternity wear companies use models with prosthetics bellies in their ad campaigns, manipulating the appearance of pregnancy.

Society is constantly scorning companies for using programs such as Photoshop to alter the appearance of their models and products, thus engaging in false advertising. However, using models that only appear pregnant on camera should also be considered false advertising. A prosthetic belly, no matter how life-like, can never achieve the same appearance as that of a real pregnant belly. Not even the best actress can pull off the appearance of being pregnant by merely strapping on a piece of fabric under her shirt.

Pregnant women have a unique beauty that is all their own. No amount of prosthetics, Photoshop, or post-editing can achieve that. By bringing awareness to companies that use falsely pregnant models, expecting mothers can buy from companies that properly represent them and their specific needs. Try as they might, maternity companies who don’t use truthfully pregnant models cannot capture the radiance and miracle behind pregnancy power!

It has been my privilege and my honor to support models who become pregnant to continue working and allow their glow to shine during this inspiring journey called motherhood!

Fake Bellies- False Advertising!Photo by: Liza Elliott-Ramirez

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