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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 10 - 2013
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When brain drain strikes, and you’ve become a melancholy mama, It’s time to become you’re own Dalai Mama!

Moms are made with an awe-inspiring inner pack of tools that are inherent. So don’t fret. This too shall pass.

pre-postpartum depressionPhoto by: Liza Elliott-Ramirez

Dedicate time for yourself to find what works for you. Don’t wait for the magic to happen. You are the center of your universe. So take charge with conviction. Learn to relax for real. If you have trouble sitting still, fake it till you make it. You don’t always have to sit in a lotus position for that aha moment to happen. Pick the method that works for you.

Repetition of a word or phrase often called “A Mantra” can soak up the negative thoughts or restlessness often felt by expecting and new moms. Magic happens when you repeat positive words or phrases over and over. Pick a word or Mantra that makes you feel the most comfortable and you’ll be more likely to stick with. Select great words celebrate your great presence.

Mommy Mantra techniquesPhoto by: Liza Elliott-Ramirez

Hand pick mindful words with positive intentions. The goal is to create positive affirmations through words that will encourage your mind, body and spirit.

Zen parenting or pregnancy hasn’t excluded you. Positive words can be found everywhere. Even in your sleep. So stay mindful ; an awareness is certainly your first step.



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