Maternity Fashion Accessories: A “Do” For Expecting and New Moms

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 30 - 2013
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Maternity Fashion Accessories: A “Do” For Expecting and New Moms

Accessories have the power to change an entire outfit in seconds. Throw a necklace on, and a simple t-shirt becomes perfect for a night out. The right earrings can add class and sophistication to any outfit. Even something as simple as a ring can give your look a different vibe. The best thing about accessories is that they’re one size fits all, meaning that you can rock the same styles, regardless of whether or not you’re expecting. So go on! Take some style risks and try on some of these accessories.


There is such a range of styles when it comes to bracelets. A charm bracelet gives an outfit a playful and quirky feel, while cuff-style bracelets add a tough yet feminine vibe. Bangles range from thin and delicate to thick and statement-making.

These medal  cuff bracelets with a bar detail are unexpected yet incredibly sophisticated. Wear silver or gold; the choice is up to you! They are cool enough to wear out to coffee with friends, and bold enough to wear on a night out around town.

 Maternity fashon accessoriesAvailable at Ingrid & Isabel


Ranging from extravagant to simple, a necklace is always feminine and appropriate for any occasion. There is truly a style that fits everyone’s style and personality, whether it’s subtle or showy. A circle pendant necklace is the most versatile style of necklace. It never detracts from your outfit, yet it can complete an outfit.

This circle pendant necklace is stunning in every way. It’s simple and classy, but is not the least bit gaudy. Throw it on when you want simple  glamour, and expect the compliments to roll in!

Maternity fashion accessoriesAvailable at Ingrid & Isabel


A good pair of earrings is something that you’ll wear before, during and after pregnancy. Whether you choose to wear a hoop or a drop earring, it’s an easy way to dress up. This black druzzy drop earring can be worn with hair down or pulled back. Which ever way, it’s an easy way to dress up a simple blouse or even t-shirt.

Pregnant- maternity accessories- Ingrid & Isabel MaternityAvailable at Ingrid & Isabel

No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, don’t be shy when it comes to accessories. They are so easy to just throw on, there’s no excuse not to wear them. There’s only one rule when it comes to accessories: don’t wear them all at once!



2 Responses so far.

  1. Alina says:

    Tricky. My excuse not to wear normal accessories is named Elizabeth. She is a vey inquisitive 10 month old. I love her to death!! So my accessories have become things like chew beads. Earrings are too easily ripped out of mommies ears right now, rings tend to scratch her, as do long nails. Necklaces however are a great distraction if they are nontoxic and really sturdy:)

  2. FRANCES says:

    There is a time and place to wear accessories. If chunky styles are not corresponding with a particular stage of motherhood, wear them when you can. Elizabeth will be in a different stage sooner than you think. Good luck with the inner fashion in YOU!