How to become a pregnant model-Maternity Modeling

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez May - 16 - 2011
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Are you a pregnant model? Let me show you how to become a pregnant model. Expecting Models or Maternity Models are professional models that become pregnant.  Learning how to break into the field of pregnancy modeling is by far more difficult without previous experience. As with any craft, becoming a model is a skill. Although every woman possesses a natural glow, major designers look for talent with the same qualities that models have before pregnancy.

Expecting Models, the front running agency of it’s kind, seeks talent that have pre-pregnancy print experience.  All working models signed with this agency have years of experience and major campaigns to show for it.  Most talent have tear sheets in their portfolios and at the very least, a book with various different pre-pregnancy professional tests.

Top maternity clients such as GAP, Target,  and A Pea In The Pod, trust that each model booked by Expecting Models can handle the art of moving with ease much like an editorial fashion photo shoot. Your pregnant bump should serve as an added dazzle to show off new maternity fashions.
Expecting Models make top rates because they have the right look, keep a fit body, and have the same pre-pregnancy model requirements that top fashion agencies look for. Designers are celebrating a real pregnant figure and are thrilled to hire the real deal.

Models are educated professionals in their field that understand what it takes to get the job done. As with any profession, you must be prepared to illustrate the industry requirements. Models are expected to portray a look, keep in good shape and maintain groomed hair, skin and nails.

If you think you have what it takes to become a pregnant model, please submit your photos to Expecting Models submissions.


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  1. Ayanda Msibi says:

    i will love to be 1 of you models. were do i go. where can i send my pics for you to view.
    Thank you.

  2. Ayanda,
    Can you send your submission to
    Click on the submission tab-
    Thank you,

    • omeshia rodriguez says:

      hi i am 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child and i am looking to model while i am pregnant .how can i start?

  3. Jessica Pelletier says:

    I, too, am very interested! I was made aware of you and your agency during my second pregnancy while I watched the show on Discovery. I have just learned I am pregnant with the fourth! I don’t want the opportunity to slip by again. Should the photos sent with the submission be pre-pregnancy and some during a pregnancy, or just pre? I would love to send you information.
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Did you submit your photos to
    I’d love to see your professional pre-pregnancy photos!
    Thank you and congratulations!

  5. Diedrie Gibbs says:

    Diedrie Gibbs
    Hi Liza Elliott-Ramirez,
    I wanted to know how I can become a model with your agency, I am six months pregnant and I am highly interested in this opportunity to work with your company. I don’t have any experience but I’m a quick learner and would love to try something new. I would love to get some information. Thanks for reading.

  6. Hi Diedrie,
    Please do send your photos to
    Thank you and congratulations with your pregnancy!

  7. selena says:

    I am interested as well. I am 27 weeks and will have a pro shoot for my personal reasons done Aug 13. Can I submit those photos?

  8. Hi Selena,
    Please do send download your photos to
    Thank you and congratulations with your pregnancy!!

  9. jennifer salinas says:

    Muy buenas noches Lisa. My name is Jennifer Salinas and I’m a professional boxer ranked number 8 in the nation. Today I foundout that I’m about 5 weeks pregnant due march 15 2012. I’m a personal trainer and boxing instructor as well, I always stay fit pre, during and post prgnancy, I have a 6 and 3yr old.
    My question to you is, the only type of modeling I’ve done was fight posters, a few magazins sharing my boxing story and things like that… does that count as experience?
    thank u.

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    Yes that does count as experience. Can you submit your photos on line? I’ll take a look. Make sure to include everything.
    Where do you live?

  11. Lakeyia says:

    I am very interested, but I have no experience in modeling at all. I am 23 weeks can I still send you pictures? I live in Northern California though so I am actually a long distance from LA :(

  12. Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

    @lakeyia Please make sure to submit your photos here:

  13. Ernestine morgan says:

    Hey Liz, I wanted to know how many months do i need to be in order to be involved. I have some experience in modeling pervious to my pregnancy.

  14. Shaquierra says:

    I submitted a picture to you guys. I would love to become a maternity model. How will I know when someone has seen my picture?

  15. […] Pregnant modeling isn’t as easy as it looks. The Success of a maternity supermodel is a honed craft practiced by years of experience. In fact it can be more up lifting than mainstream modeling. As professional athletes need to prepare for great health, so does a pregnant model. Healthy skin is perhaps one of the most coveted traits of a maternity model. Keeping up with good looks is part of the job, this means maintaining inner and outer balance. Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, along with exercise and meditation aren’t the only basics. If you want great looking skin, it’s important that you take care of your health. […]

  16. […] about your future plans surrounding your growing family.  They marvel at the idea of you being a pregnant model. They ask how you are feeling and offer you a seat, water, food and to carry your bags.  You are […]

  17. Amanda says:

    Hello Liza!
    I’ve done some modeling in the past and now I’m very interested in getting into modeling while I’m pregnant. I’m about 25/26 weeks along and I’ wondering if I should submit before or during pregnancy pictures. Also, do I have a better shot at getting noticed if I get some professional ones done now that I am pregnant? How often do woman get called back from submissions on he site? I’m interested in your opinion!

  18. Alaina says:

    Just wondering if something is wrong with the website because when I try to submit everything the site just load but nothing is submitted.

  19. Jamie Ericksen says:

    Hi Liza!

    I just happened upon your website and filled out a submission form. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant, so I don’t have much time left. But perhaps you will be in need of a 2nd or 3rd trimester model soon. I am still measuring quite small. Would love to be considered for anything!


  20. Jordan says:

    Hello, Do you have an office based out of Chicago?

  21. Kalea says:

    i just sent photos to your agency i have modeling experience i am noe expecting my 2nd child and would love to keep my modeling going through out this pregnacey, i wish i would have with my 1st, but i also submitted photo for my 5 year old son. so im hoping i get the chance to work with your company, im excited.

  22. Kalea says:

    i just sent photos to your agency i have modeling experience i am noe expecting my 2nd child and would love to keep my modeling going through out this pregnacey, i wish i would have with my 1st, but i also submitted photo for my 5 year old son. so im hoping i get the chance to work with your company, im excited

  23. Sarah Ashley says:

    Hello Liza,

    I am not able to upload my submission form,
    I am currently 20 weeks along with my second and would like to get pictures to you,
    Is there an email I could forward them to?

    Thank you
    Sarah Ashley

  24. Mila says:

    I just sent my submission form with photos of my last shoot which was a few weeks ago. I’m 6 weeks, and have been told to forget about modeling. I’ve been pursuing it for 2 years. If you could, look at my submission and photos. I could only hope that I can actually do this, while surprisingly expecting.

  25. Thozama says:

    Hi my name is Thozama i am 25 years old, i would like to be a pregnant model, i am currently 11weeks pregnant and would like to start now so i can get the basics. i am very interested in this and would love to be considered for this. if anything is required please inform me via email.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Hello Liza,

    What kind of photos should we submit? I have had modeling experience years ago, but havent modeled recently. I am 11 weeks pregnant! Do they need to be professional pictures or can they be snap shots through a polaroid?

    Thank You,

  27. Alissa says:


    I am 23 weeks pregnant and I wanted to submit my photos. I live in San Francisco. I hope I can still submit. Also, what are you looking for in the photos? Should they be Polaroid or professional? Thank You :)