Expecting Models Tips for Maternity Modeling poses

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez September - 3 - 2015
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Pregnancy Modeling can look easy. Moving with a natural flow in a blossoming figure takes precision. This may look easy for some, but maternity modeling is an art that takes personal experience. Gaining a rhythm of movement in your new pregnant body should commence from familiarity. Your conventional modeling career should help serve your maternity style. Remember you are still the same person now living in a blossoming body! Posing for maternity modeling is exciting. By the way, feel free to move your body to the beat of a different vibe! It’s  such an awesome experience that male models will never have. So ladies, own the mood and allow your pregnant body to express itself with limitless boundaries. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident pregnant model!

Pregnant model- Expecting Models

Keeping a tool box of signature pregnancy poses which work to complement your personal body is the fundamental key to a successful maternity shoot. Pleasant angles that personalize your shape should be “made to order” and arrive from your pre-pregnancy fashion modeling career. Don’t be deceived by “that trending pose,” you see in magazines. Your body is exclusive. It’s yours and working with a personal approach will set you apart! Let’s stand tall, learn your best body angles and own that Maternity shoot!

Expecting Models- Maternity Poses

Maintaining your normal stature, and translating it into a successful Maternity Photo should feel natural. It’s impossible for one certain pose work for everyone. You are distinctive in character. Clients love to see individuality. Especially at a professional maternity photo shoot. Practice posing in front of a full length mirror and take note of what you’ve done to position your pregnant body where it looks flattering. Some tricks are as simple as moving your body to a 3/4 angle.

Expecting Model- Pregnancy Pose

Mastering the right pregnant poses to complement a look varies from model to model. As with mainstream fashion modeling, posing your blossoming bump to work for flattering angels takes character which can’t be duplicated. Personal expertise and technique comes with practice. Everyone is original and has special qualities. Maternity designers love to see unique movements that are innovative. Make sure you take a moment to warm up your body. Stretch out and breath. All musicians warm up their instrument before a performance, right? So make sure your instrument is warm and prepared to rock that pregnancy shoot. Remember,  one specialized pregnancy pose can set a trend that gets you booked over and over again where you take that maternity run where you are considered a Maternity Super Model!

By: Liza Elliott-Ramirez

CEO/Founder of Expecting Models



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