Memorial Day – Karma of Compassion

Posted by Lizette Alicea May - 27 - 2013
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Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day is a day of remembrance for those who served and died while fighting for our nation’s honor. Today, we celebrate Memorial Day weekend by gathering family and friends generally around a barbecue or perhaps we take a trip to the beach.

This year while you are remembering those who served our country, perhaps take a moment to chat with your children about what it means to live a life of freedom. Take a moment of silence before your meal to acknowledge our fallen brothers and sisters. Despite opinions about war and the politics around it, the Karma of Compassion is the tie that binds all mothers who have lost their child for our country. Let’s not forget the partners, wives, and husbands who are left to stand alone to raise a fatherless or motherless child. Take a moment and send peace and compassion to those that continue on with great loss.

It is an unfortunate truth for many families and who knows what the future holds for our children, but for this one day, one moment is all it takes to give thanks and hold onto our lives, as we know it.

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