Model Rookie? Advice from Expecting Models

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez May - 12 - 2012
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A healthy body, a sound mind and a super model looks. You have a glamorous life and are amongst the fortunate to be working as an expecting model. Now it’s time to recognize the support that has united your career from the runway to the delivery room. You’ve consistently shown up for castings, call backs and bookings. You have become a well seasoned model making top rates in the world of maternity modeling.

advice from pregnant modelYou may find that as you look back upon your life when you’ve really lived are the moments when you have performed in the spirit of love. The camera loves you, the vibe is right and the photographer shares that chemistry.  The energy on set is enthusiastic and aligned with deep appreciation for the arts. Motivation fills the room. It’s lights, camera, action!

fashion pregnant model

fashion pregnant model

It took a lot to get to this moment. Tons of rejection. Endless castings, call backs and go-sees. It’s hard work to make a career out of modeling. No… a star is never born. That “star” has earned that position. As a woman, you’ve dared to dream.

Pregnancy and modelingIt’s a competitive field. There’s always someone younger, taller, slimmer and perhaps prettier. As a model you must have compassion for yourself and your fellow talent. “No, your look isn’t right for us” becomes a common term. Often times you won’t get feedback at all. It’s disheartening. Yet you wake up, make up, and do it all over again. Possibly even be on a show giving birth like Jennifer.

Today I encourage you to share one piece of advice to the newcomer. That’s right, the model rookie. And why?

The Stork Magazine asks Expecting Models to give back, just one piece of advice.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Zoë Reheem says:

    I say ENJOY your new body! It’s what the people want to see and part of what got you the job. Plus, it’s your baby’s time to shine too!

  2. Jamia Eaton says:

    I would say “don’t take it personal”. This is a business of courage and persistence. Remember, you are blessed and there is the “perfect” job for you!

  3. Desiree Dymond says:


    Uh, just kidding. That would be true for straight size modeling though, as in non maternity. Maternity modeling is a much more welcoming speciality. Just go for it and see what happens. The worst anyone can say is no.

  4. Alina Mullen says:

    When you are tired and feel less than graceful… remember that there are two of you there. And that fact is a miracle! Be kind and patient with yourself. Look in the mirror and find the things about yourself that you feel are beautiful, sexy, gentle, fierce. Imagine your little miracle’s cute little features too. Remember how amazing you are and how amazing what you’re doing is!

  5. Model Mentor says:

    Be utterly and completely satisfied with yourself and all of your flaws. Any trace of insecurity can ruin chances- what it takes above all is a strong sense of self, coupled with perseverance.
    Once you have that down, you are golden. You are ahead of 90% of other modeling hopefuls that do not possess this self-assured demeanor.
    If you maintain this, you can and WILL be successful. Even if you are not drop-dead gorgeous or tall or any of that. It matters, but it doesn’t make or break you in the same way that self-confidence does.
    Best of luck ladies! xoxo