Modern Dad on Father’s Day

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez June - 17 - 2016
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Each year the third Sunday of June is dubbed Father’s Day. Often associated with family get-togethers, cookouts, and finding the perfect gift for Dad, many spend the day reflecting on their own relationship with their fathers.

At one time, the typical father was characterized as a strong, athletic, breadwinner, who held his family together. Teaching children everything from riding a bike to driving a car, they subconsciously exemplified what it was like to be a good husband to their sons, and showed their daughters what to look for in a future husband.

However, as the world continues to change and society rapidly progresses, the once distinct roles of a mother and father have blurred. Today, parenting can be viewed as more of an interchangeable system. And while paternal instinct should mirror that of maternal instinct, today many children grow up with a Modern father who see the role they’ve been cast to play in their child’s life as optional.

Being a father goes far beyond child support payments. Large monetary sums or lavish gifts cannot substitute the physical presence of a father in the life of child. Fatherhood is about being present in your child’s life; loving them, supporting them, teaching them right from wrong, and sculpting them into the most self-sufficient individual possible.

Modern Dad

While some of us were blessed with wonderful biological fathers, others were not. This Father’s day, in addition to taking time out of your busy life to appreciate your father, let’s also celebrate the selfless individuals who acted as father figures in our lives. Whether it is a stepfather, an uncle, a family friend, or even one’s own mother acting as both a mother and father figure each day – they deserve numerous ‘thank yous.’

Everything you are, you owe to those who nurtured you and helped you grow. Today, let’s celebrate them!

Happy Father’s day!

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