Moms: Time to De-clutter and make room for the new

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 8 - 2013
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De-cluttering is a hard task but once accomplished, and the purge is complete, the truth is you probably won’t miss much. In fact you’ll feel so energized by the creep on open space. As ironic as it sounds you now have more, and not less.

When preparing for a new baby, nesting will eventually come with the territory. It’s easier to decorate a room with airy space than accumulated clutter. Let’s face it, it’s time to get rid of all the clothes and items that you haven’t used in months or perhaps years.

De-clutter your home, make room for the new

You may have feelings of nostalgia with parting ways but the golden rule is, if you haven’t worn or used something in 3 months, chances are you never will. So stay focused, start slowly if you must, but don’t be afraid to be brutal until it’s finished.

Once you’ve decided what needs to go, tidy up. Put your items in a big plastic bag. There are plenty of homeless shelters, Goodwill or Salvation Army organizations that will find treasure in all the items that have been useless to you.

Making room for your family is one of more liberal acts of mankind. In turn you are setting an example in the generosity of your spirit by helping others.

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