Motherhood and Balance

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 3 - 2012
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Every mom can be happy and prosperous if there is a harmonious balance between family, business and the self. Often times we think life is about getting more done and it isn’t.  This is a recipe for burn out. Clearing space by slowing down producing quality over quantity helps you focus on the essential stuff. It’s impossible for any woman to have balance when constantly rushed.

Enjoy a few minutes of quiet and relax your mind. Make time to do the things you enjoy doing. Get a little exercise to sweat the toxins and keep your metabolism strong. Drink plenty of water, and don’t forget to breathe.

Quality over quantity is key in your space as well. Remove objects in your home that no longer serves you. Fix or let go of things that are broken. Prepare clean and simple meals that give you energy. Observe nature to foster happiness, harmony and love.

motherhood and balance

motherhood and balance

Be the light in your world. Seek balance because you are worth it. As a woman, you deserve to be happy and you don’t have the luxury of a negative thought. Put feelings of love and joy into everything that you do. Let someone know what you admire in him or her. Shine your light on those in emotional pain and stress.

Here is a simple checklist to keep the harmony in your world:

  • Show gratitude for your blessings
  • If you are tired, rest.
  • If you are too warm remove layers or open the window.
  • If your spirit is low, add light, figuratively, to your environment.
  • It can become comfortable to wallow in self-pity. For some this may be a cozy nest. It’s a choice to decide for a day of happiness. It’s a commitment.

Whatever the case is, the golden rule is to thy own self, be true!

7 Responses so far.

  1. becky says:

    Fantastic.perfect timing. Came across this article by mistake. Or maybe not.

  2. Mary says:

    I’m a mother of 4 kids all under 7. As great as quiet time sounds, its pretty impossible in my apt. Great message though.Maybe one day.

  3. Lizette Alicea says:

    Practice, Practice. Even in the very delicate and fleeting second before you open your eyes in the morning you can steal a moment for the self.

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