Motivated Moms

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez May - 13 - 2013
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During motherhood staying motivated to achieve your personal goals is a decision. Waking up with high expectations and your plan of attack may not always unfold the way you’ve planned. Keeping up with a momentum has its golden moments and when you’re on a rhythm, strike the iron while it’s hot.

Some days everything will come at you at once. Shifting from right brain to left brain won’t be as smooth as you’d like it to be. It’s not easy to shift from working mom to motherhood while taking care of personal needs. It’s a partnership with yourself that should be treated with love and patience. We are only human.

As a goal oriented person, take a moment to understand everything is a process. Some days multitasking isn’t the answer. You might need to scale back and give one part of your self a rest. Then trust that you’re not losing anything, in fact you’ve probably completed one think with excellence.

Motherhood  and multi tasking

Whether you’re changing a diaper, going to work or dropping off your kids, stay in that moment. Today might be a day to make a decision not to rush. Focus on doing one thing well. When it’s time to gain high-speed rhythm, it’ll always be there, knocking at your door.

Today enjoy doing one thing.


Not two.



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