Life as a new mom

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 3 - 2016
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Being a New Mom has its ups and downs. Certain days are glorious and you can’t imagine your life before baby. You’ve embarked upon a new life that is action packed with a new-found love and responsibility. Quite often, time is not on your side. It’s okay, it’ll all get done. The newborn stage is not forever and this too shall pass. So enjoy every moment with your little one because it really flies by quickly.

In a perfect world, your baby will sleep all night, feed when mom is ready and be all smiles. The truth is we all wish for that kind of love from our little bundle of joy. Consequently, it’s just not realistic.

As life slips into its rhythm, and your routine starts to feel normal, you may notice that still yet not everything got done.  The reality is, it probably won’t and that’s okay. In order for you to have it all, you must in fact put first things first.

Simple questions to ask yourself are:

1.) What is the most important thing that needs to get done?

2.) What can you eliminate from your schedule to ease your load?

3.) As you prioritize, are you okay with the left over choices that didn’t make the cut?

If you can live with your choices without that urge to get it done, then it’s not on your high priority list. Accept the fact that there are 24 hours in a day and the way you spend them depends on how you schedule your time. One major piece of advice is stay away from attention zappers. Learn how to cut your conversations down to a minimum unless of course that’s where you want to spend your time.

Once you get into the groove, you’ll soon find that busy moms get the job done!

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