New Mom Worries

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez November - 12 - 2014
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Being a new mother can be scary- you don’t get a manual or lessons, how are you supposed to know anything about anything? Obviously, once your baby is here, it will seem less daunting, but there are still some New Mom Worries that we all have.

new mom worries


You might find your baby’s seemingly constant cries to be alarming, but remember, it is totally normal for newborns and infants to cry- a lot. At this point, crying is literally your baby’s only way of communicating with you. It doesn’t always mean he or she is upset, it could just as well mean that your baby is hungry, tired, bored, has a dirty diaper, or is being over stimulated. While lots of crying is nothing to worry about, if you feel that your baby really does cry excessively, you can see a doctor to have him or her checked for colic- when a pain in the baby’s gut causes him or her to cry.


New moms get nervous over the tiniest indications that their child might be sick. It can seem very concerning when your find your newborn to be sneezing frequently. Keep in mind, however, that sneezing is how babies clear their respiratory passages- it is actually healthy! Sneezing also helps reopen the nostrils that can be temporarily closed when a baby presses up against you while nursing. After feeding, it is normal for babies to sneeze to reopen their noses. Sneezing is only a sign of your child being sick if he or she has a runny nose, a fever, seems congested, or is having hard time breathing.


You’ve been waiting nine months to meet your baby- what happens if you don’t connect with him or her? This is a very common worry that many new mothers have, but most find that this concern evaporates the moment they hold their baby for the first time. If you don’t click instantly, that is okay. It is perfectly normal for it to take some new moms a longer time to bond with their new baby- but it will happen. Cuddling, feeding, and just looking at your baby will help you feel a close connection with him or her.


As you know from your pregnancy, it is so difficult to not compare yourself with your friends when trying to determine what is “normal”. The same goes for your baby- it is nearly impossible to not wonder if your baby should be able to do something that your friend’s baby was able to do at that age. Having your baby hit all of the right milestones at the right time is something extremely stressful to keep track of- everyone wants the peace of mind of knowing that their baby is growing up healthily. Babies do grow and develop at different rates, but of course there is a series of progression and milestones that should be occurring at different ages- your checkups with the pediatrician should help monitor these. It is very difficult to mothers to be objective about these things- moms tend to over-worry which can lead to overlooking certain things that the doctor will be able to catch.

Life as You Knew It

Most new mothers have a certain amount of anxiety over the fact that once your new baby arrives, your life will never be the same. This isn’t a bad thing- your baby will be the best thing to ever happen to you, but of course, you’ll have to make sacrifices. Yes, you will get less sleep and have less time to yourself and with your partner. Yes, it will be difficult to juggle all of your responsibilities as a mother with your work and personal life. However, you are not the first mom in the world- every mom was once a new mom, and every person you know is the product of a new mom. Clearly, it is not impossible to have a new baby and continue living your life- millions of women are able to do it, why not you?

Getting Your Body Back

Women tend to freak out about baby weight- you just carried a human being into the world, but heaven forbid you should look like you did. Of course, everyone wants to be comfortable with their body, and see themselves the way they did before they were pregnant. Don’t worry- losing baby weight, if gone about properly, is so much easier than it seems. Once you give birth, a bunch of that weight is lost automatically. If you choose to breastfeed, the rest may very well just fall off. With a healthy diet and exercise routine, it won’t be long until your body is back to where it was 9 months ago. However, losing the baby weight can be more difficult for some women, and for some, your body is changed forever, Don’t beat yourself up- it may take a long time, but no one expects you to snap back right away. All you can do is your best, and right now, your new baby should be your number one concern.

Will I be a Good Mother?

This is one worry all moms can universally agree on. It seems like a very valid concern- how do you know you will be a good mom? If it is your first child, it’s not like you’ve had practice before, this is all completely new to you. Do not underestimate your ability in yourself. You are undoubtedly getting a plethora of advice from everyone you come in contact with- doctors, friends, family members, strangers, Dr. Oz, but at the end of the day, even though it may feel like you don’t know anything about being a mother, no one knows your baby more than you do. You are an expert. A mother’s instincts are usually right- don’t be afraid to trust them. In the worst case, you are wrong and then you try something different. You are allowed to make mistakes!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Camila Damas says:

    This is so funny. Because it don’t matter how much you read, don’t matter how much you study on or if you go to classes. The real life test will only be when you first hold your baby and have real practice hands on. I was very lost in the beggining. Thank god my mom was here to help me for 3 monhs. But that kinda laid me back a lot because I relied on my mom to do most of the things and she also wanted to do everything and enjoy the most she could before leaving to brazil. So my real test really begun when she was 3 months old when sadly my mom n dad had to go back to brazil. And now I was 100%on my own. I felt a little scared in the beggining and it was very challenging. But there is nothing life can’t teach you. Soon enough I became a real pro on doing everything on my own and effortless. I’m soooooo ready for baby #2 YaY. :)

  2. Michelle F. says:

    Check, check, and check. I worry about all of the above! I really feel like only time will make me feel comfortable about all of those things!