Nigel Barker talks Fashion, Family and Blossoming Beauties

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 31 - 2012
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Top photographer Nigel Barker‘s got the looks, a beautiful family and is on one of the top modeling shows of all time. Now the author of Blossoming Beauties, due for release on Fall of 2012, Barker can say he has it all.  Make room Annie Leibovitz, Hollywood now has a new power photographer. Here he shares his inspiring experiences as a Top photographer, husband, father and creator.

Nigel BarkerThe Stork Magazine: What is the difference between shooting a fashion model or pregnant model?

Nigel Barker: Regardless if a woman is a model or not, there’s something special; a major theme about shooting a pregnant woman. Although females are looked upon with a sexual connotation they’re now pregnant body is a result of a celebratory moment. There’s something empowering about that. They are creating something in their body and there’s a positive psychology about that. It’s a different look that shows in the eyes, with such a power of confidence. Forget about the empire of clothing, the body has a stunning angle. These woman are used to selling something, now they are making something and it’s empowering. Shooting these ladies has opened up a whole other side of sensuality. It’s a different look with a sexy form.

The Stork Magazine: How do you feel shooting a pregnant woman?

Nigel Barker: I’m so passionate and you can hear it whenever I talk about shooting pregnant women. It’s the easiest thing and I’m enormously blessed. I’m lucky to be there to capture a woman touch her stomach with bump in hand and look at me. I photograph ladies from models to ballet dancers, editors and bankers who fly in from all over the world. It’s the most  magnificent thing I’ve ever seen.

The Stork Magazine: What was  it like shooting your wife Cristen, featured on our February cover?

Nigel Barker: She was my original muse. I watched her body transform and I couldn’t believe what was happening to her body.  Now having two it seemed somewhat obvious but as a young man having a young child, it was unknown territory for both of us. To watch her literally blossom and to see the baby grow and to be a part of that and to photograph that is an emotionally gratifying exciting experience and that’s where this whole project came from. It was my awe with what a woman’s body goes through.  It’s something that men cannot go through but yet at the same time we are a part of it.

The Stork Magazine: What will you share to our community of moms and mom’s to be in Blossoming Beauties?

Nigel Barker: We will self publish and make it into a beautiful high-end coffee table book. We plan to launch 1000 books, all individually signed. It will also be available as an e-book. The truth is in this day and age, people either want a high-end coffee book or it should be available for the masses. People need access to it all over the world which is where most of my fans are. I have followers in  Pakistan, India, and  Russia, We plan to reach hundreds of thousands of readers. That’s the way people are looking at things these days.

The Stork Magazine: About your childhood, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Nigel Barker: My first passion was to save the animals and I loved Zoology. I also had a huge passion for the sciences. I applied for medical school and ended up going the traditional route. I got a modeling contract as a young boy of 18 and went to Milan and Paris. Gaining financial independence provided me to see the world and pay off my college loan. I grew up in a private boarding school in England near the country side. Fashion and photography had been another love and it changed my world dramatically.

The Stork Magazine: While modeling, did you feel you knew as much as the photographer?

Nigel Barker: No not really. It’s not so much as how much you know. We are all born with a sense of intrinsic skills. Learning how to use a camera can be done by anybody. It’s like driving a car or like riding a bicycle. It’s more about communication. I’ve always been fascinated with people. I like to concentrate what I like and what I’m passionate about.

The Stork Magazine: What are your children like?

Nigel Barker: I look at my children and my daughter is enormously communicative and my son is quite quiet. My son is very musical he loves to play the guitar. My daughter likes to dance. So we have different skills in general.

The Stork Magazine: As far as parenting, what are favorite things to do with your family?

Nigel Barker and familyNigel Barker: Our favorite thing to be honest is just hanging out and being together doing the mundane and ordinary things. We don’t need places to go.  We just need to be together with face time, talking, playing, and just spending time together is the most important thing. Even when you just listen.

Activities fill your day up and it stops the time to listen and talk to one another. We like to turn the television off. Enjoy lunch and breakfast. We can actually look at each other and talk about each others day. We make sure the kids talk one by one and have face to face communication.

The Stork Magazine: Can you share with us about your life on American’s Next Top Model? What are your favorite aspects about being on the show?

Nigel Barker: I feel quite lucky. First of all, no one expected it to be such an enormous success.We just wrapped our 18th season which airs this February. We started off on a small network on season one and two. We thought, okay we are having fun, we are doing our thing. Everybody involved in the show had been in the business and were not a bunch of celebrities that were going to be hired to work on a  TV show. I am a photographer, Tyra Banks was a model, Jay Manuel is a makeup artist, and J. Alexander is a runway coach. So everyone that was there was industry experts, it all worked together. One of the things that makes America’s Next Top Model very special is it’s very much like a family which gives it a true authenticity.

The Stork Magazine: How do you give back and pay it forward?

Nigel Barker: Of course, in many ways.. In many respects other than what I do at the moment, I have a website called Be Giving.  Designed  for people to talk about their causes and their issues.

Nigel Barker and family currently reside in New York City.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Natiya Guin says:

    Thank you for sharing Nigel’s perspective on pregnancy and modeling. He is a world renowned photographer but even more importantly, he is a father, and a family man. I truly enjoyed reading about his experience with Blossoming Bellies and his appreciation of mothers!

    As a mother, an Expecting Model, and a photographer, I am truly inspired buy Nigel!

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      Nigel is just a lovely, positive, inspiring human being. What a pleasure to have people like this taking responsibility for the well being of family, fashion and movement! We do adore him:-)

  2. Jamia Eaton says:

    As a fan from the very first season, your interview with Nigel was a pleasure to read! It’s always great to see industry folk that are real, down to earth and NICE! Those people always stand out. His influence has made a huge impact positively on viewers and participant alike! It just solidified his genuiness for me reading more about his family life! Hats off to you Nigel!