No need to do it all on your own

Posted by Lizette Alicea April - 16 - 2012
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New mom, you can get into a lot of trouble if you continue to try to do it all on your own.  If you are like most motivated moms, then you do what you can to help your friends and family all the while keeping your career on path and as a result often times have your plate really full. This way of operating has made you the go-to person, a great daughter, sister, and friend. However, now that you are a mother, you’ll have to pull back on some of the good deeds that extend you beyond your abilities.

Pulling back from over extending yourself can be a tricky road to navigate, almost as tricky as being on the receiving end of help. You will be way out of your comfort zone as it is a whole new world. Model Mom, you’re going to have to realize that your world will never be the same.  So open your space and welcome the help from loved ones. You don’t need to fix or be in charge all of the time. The old adage, it is better to give then receive is a great mantra.  Give your loved one an opportunity to show up for you.

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