Nursing Advice for new moms

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 9 - 2015
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One of the most difficult things about being a new mommy, if you choose to breast feed, is learning how to. It’s definitely not something you’ve ever gotten a lesson in! It may seem intimidating- your child’s feeding is dependent on something you don’t even know how to do! But don’t worry- it is new for every mom at some point and you will be a pro at it in no time. Until then, here is Nursing Advice for New Moms!

breastfeeding Moms

 Avoid comparisons

The biggest nursing mistake new moms make is comparing themselves to other moms who are nursing. Each nursing relationship is unique. Different women produce different amounts of milk, and babies react to nursing differently. Don’t focus on anyone except yourself.

 Trust Yourself

It takes time to get used to breastfeeding. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks to fully get a handle on it. Give yourself at least that much time before quitting.

 Stay Hydrated

Get a Get a water bottle with a straw and fill it to the brim. You may get thirsty while you are breastfeeding, so make it easy to just grab it to take a sip.

 Use a Boppy

A Boppy is a pillow that you can lay your baby comfortably on. It makes it so much easier to have one hand free while you nurse.

 Let Your Pump Help

If you have inverted nipples, it can be helpful to pump for a few minutes to get them out so you can easily breast feed.

 Don’t Let a Cold Get in Your Way

Having a cold is no reason to stop nursing. Your breast milk actually helps to keep your child from catching your cold. Even if your baby does catch something, it will be very mild and short-lasting.

Supplement if You Need To

If you aren’t producing enough breast milk, there is no shame in formula feeding. You can do half and half- but every drop of breast milk your child gets is beneficial.

 Don’t worry if your baby looks tiny

Babies don’t really start looking chubby until their eighth week- it can take some babies over a month to get there.

 Practice in Public

If you feel uncomfortable nursing in public, get a nursing cami that covers your tummy. You can even practice in front of a mirror so you know what others can and can’t see. And if you find yourself getting dirty looks in public when you nurse, just don’t look up! You aren’t doing anything wrong, and it is no one else’s business!

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