Pampering While Pregnant

Posted by Lauren Robinson May - 1 - 2014
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dye hair while pregnant

It’s been said that when a woman looks good, she feels good. That is completely true. This is also applicable to the pregnant beauties out there. When you look beautiful, it can be the difference in a change of mood, in your stress levels, or even in your smile. So it’s important to keep yourself happy. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to look boring. Whether you’re debating on dying your hair, going tanning to prepare for summer, or even a trip to the nail salon, you can continue to declare your beauty!

Some speculate, doctors and baby-carriers alike, that dying your hair is totally inappropriate while pregnant. But the truth is, it’s not. Now there are some precautions and some recommended steps, but there haven’t been any studies correlating birth defects with mothers who have chosen to dye their hair while pregnant. If you are debating on dying your hair, it may be a great idea to wait at least until the start of your second trimester. At that time, your developing baby will not be as susceptible to as vulnerable to chemicals. Also choosing to streak, highlight, paint, or frost your hair is a better alternative to coloring the entire head.

However, if you are definitely going for a totally different look, you may want to look into dyes that hold more natural contents. Some prefer vegetable dyes, or even henna dyes. If you choose to go with a vegetable dye, you should check the ingredients. Some still contain synthetic dye chemicals. And as for henna dyes, you should know that they may take a little longer to actually dye hair. But in any instance, talking to other moms, to your hair stylist, and definitely to your health care provider is a great idea!

Once your hair is taken care of, your skin is next. And with the summer quickly approaching, you want to have the perfect sun-kissed glow- but without the sun. Some great ways to do this without damaging your skin, or harming your baby would be to invest in sun tan lotions and even sprays. Also, you can a sigh of relief, with new technological breakthroughs you can apply these kind of products without worries of getting that super orange look. However, if you are still on the fence, you should know that tanning beds are not recommended. They can cause an increased core temperature, just like that of a sauna or hot tub. These temperatures around 102 degrees Fahrenheit are unhealthy for your developing baby. So lotions and sprays are definitely the way to go!

There is one other reward that you have truly earned, and that is a trip to the nail salon. Some women have been afraid, and even dreaded this trip because of the fumes from the salon. But it’s confirmed, it is totally safe. Now it is advised to sit in a ventilated section, or to book your appointment in the morning before the fumes are swarming, but it is totally safe. The only thing to watch out for would be your sense of smell. If you are terribly sensitive, it may cause a nauseated feeling.  So take it easy, and see how you feel. Overall, it’s completely fine to keep yourself pampered!

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