Peace Within the Madness

Posted by Kelly Pellett March - 11 - 2014
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peace and harmony

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of life. Work, parenthood, school, and various activities can pull us away from the joys of life. Although each of these things are designed to enrich our lives, oftentimes they suck the energy and happiness away from us. At times it may feel like we want to surrender to our emotions and give up our responsibilities, however that’s very unrealistic. So what are we to do when our anxieties get the best of us? We have to continue living our lives, but we need to start finding peace within the madness.

Loving the life you have takes practice, but it can be done when you discipline yourself enough to love yourself! Accepting imperfection is the first step. We all strive towards perfection and feel let down when we don’t reach our goals, however when you come to terms that failure is bound to happen without your permission, it is easier to accept. Greet imperfection with a smile on your face and look at is as a growing experience. Don’t forget to congratulate others in their successes, and look for the good in others. Oftentimes we are so caught up in our own lives that we focus too much on ourselves and don’t pay attention to the goodness in the people around us. Introverting into our own thoughts sometimes blinds us to each person’s unique beauty. It’s easier to see the bad in others instead of the good. This is especially true if you don’t get along with somebody. However, if you focus on their positivity instead of the negative, you will see everyone around in you in a new light!

To ensure that stress does not get the best of you, make sure to take at least a five minute break every hour. It’s easy to become caught up in our daily activities and not take a breather, but it is very important. Taking a break to refresh your mind is great for your work, and for your emotional health. Even if you are unaware of how much work is stressing your body, it will manifest in other ways through different parts of your life. To reduce anxiety even more take time to enjoy the outdoors. Nature and sunlight are some of the best remedies for pregnancy blues. Take a quick walk outdoors, or enjoy rocking on your porch while breathing in fresh air. The sun will give you important vitamin D that play a part in reducing depression and sadness.

One of the best pieces of advice that I have found is simply to focus on prioritizing life. The following article gave me that advice and is a great resource for reducing stress:

Take out everything that is harmful to your life and forget about everything unnecessary! You have enough to worry about without adding extra tasks. Complete only the essential tasks first and then you can start thinking about the others.

One of your number one priorities, however, should be your well-being. In all your responsibilities of life, don’t forget your health. Health is a blessing that many people take for granted and forget to enjoy it while it’s there. Health is a gift that should be protected from anything that can harm it’s delicate nature. Although tasks are important, you won’t be able to accomplish anything if you are sick. Eat well, exercise often, and forget anxiety…which plays a huge role in hurting your immune system.

A great way to kick anxiety to the curb is to reinforce positivity in your life. It takes a lot of practice, but try to shift the negative thoughts and attitudes away from the center of your mind and focus on the positive. If you actively look for the good, it will eventually be easier to see.

Last but not least, pray and trust. It’s difficult to live our lives when rely on ourselves and we don’t know where our path will take us. However if we pray to God and trust that He has us in the palm of His hand, we have no reason to worry.

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