Perfect Maternity Model Hair

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 29 - 2013
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Looking great is a part of every models job. As a maternity model, you’re in fact expected to keep up with your healthy hair and skin. When you’ve sat in hair and makeup, and now it’s time to leave, remember to wash your face. You’ve put in the effort for the perfect blow-out so let’s get it to last.

maternity model hairAvoid steam: When you want to wash up without wetting your hair, a shower cap is a must. But the plastic kind allows frizz-inducing steam to seep in . You’re better off with a cotton-lined shower cap.

Root Revival:  The natural oils in your hair will probably start to build up by the end of Day 2, which can lead to limp hair. To reactivate your roots, give them a blast using a blow dryers “cool” setting. By day 3 you’ll be ready for a wash.

Pillow Talk: Before bedtime, pile your hair in a pony-tail using stretchy elastic to help retain volume. The old scrunchie is prefect.


Remember, using a hair dryer on a daily basis can dry out your hair so if you’ve put in the effort, let’s make it last.



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