Ways to announce the Gender of your Baby

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 11 - 2014
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Learning whether your baby is a boy or a girl is an exciting part of pregnancy. In today’s world moms-to-be are able to reduce baby-name options where you no longer need to shop for gender-neutral clothes or nursery items anymore! Before you start shopping, decide if you want to reveal the gender to the world. If the answer is yes, the next big question is how will you do it? There are so many cute and unique approaches for gender revealing, and it may be hard to choose just one! So The Stork Magazine decided to share fun ideas of how you may want to celebrate your new little boy or girl!

pink or blue for baby

Cutting the cake!

Pregnancy is definitely not a piece of cake, but you can sure have one! For this gender reveal, you will need the help of a baker. Once you find out your baby’s gender, take the information secretly over to your cake shop and ask the baker to make a cake (or cupcakes) with a pink or blue inside but a cryptic outside. Throw a gender reveal party, and once you cut the cake (or take a bite out of the cupcake) everyone will know what you’ll be having. For even more of a surprise, ask your doctor to send the results to the bakery (without you knowing the answer) and surprise yourself when you cut the cake!


The Baby and the Balloon.

This idea is similar to the cake reveal because it works well for a party. A few days before the celebration, obtain and decorate a big cardboard box with a baby theme. Next, take a trip to the party store and order either 9 pink or blue balloons to be picked up the day of the social. Once the day arrives, gather the balloons and place them in the box, but make sure to keep the top closed! At the opportune moment, lift up the top and let the colorful balloons float into the air! Everyone will be thrilled to know whether you are having a daughter or a son!

Good Ol’ fashion mail.

While this idea may not be innovative, it definitely is thoughtful and classy. It’s not often that people receive “fun” mail in the mailbox anymore! The convenience of email, texting, and social media, makes real mail rare and very thoughtful. To send a gender announcement, you can pick out cute cards with a handwritten note or share the exciting news by ordering professional announcements. To add more excitement, fill the envelope with pretty confetti!

 Be the stork!

This idea may take some time, but it is definitely fun, and you get to play ding-dong ditch! With the daddy, or any family member of your choice, bake your favorite cookies but add pink or blue sprinkles. After you’re done baking, place the cookies into separate tins and add a personalized card that explains the significance of the sprinkle color. Drop the cookies on your friend’s doorsteps and carefully hide! Wait to see their reaction when they open the door. However, we want you to be safe so please be careful when planning you’re getaway and don’t trip!

A simple, yet elegant dinner.

Sometimes the best way to share exciting news with the people you love is through a dinner announcement. This is a special occasion, so treat yourself out to your favorite restaurant with your loved ones. In the middle of dinner, stand up and tell everyone what the gender is! You will be able to discuss the exciting news for the rest of the evening over savory food in an intimate setting!

Whatever way you choose to announce your son or daughter to the world, make sure you enjoy every moment of your journey and treasure these moments in your heart forever.

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    This is so funnnn. I did on both my pregnancies differently. On the first I did cutting the cake and it was pink inside. The second one my sister n law did the balloons in the box outside in my friends backyard. This one was so much more beautiful. Me and my hubby open this beautiful decorated box and blue balloons went flying out in the sky. It’s all in tape for great memories to be seen in the future by our kids