Pizza craving?

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 24 - 2012
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Pregnancy cravings has no mercy. When it’s time to eat, game is on. Can a frozen pizza really do the trick? Grabbing a pizza from the freezer and heating it up is arguably the easiest way to get your pizza fix. It’s also cheaper than calling for Mr. DiGiorno.Right?

Yet Pizza isn’t exactly a watch your diet food. But with a little help, you can think outside the box. And, Doctor to the rescue.

Craving pizzaAdd Pineapples: Mixing a little sweet and tart with basil on tomato sauce is for one, quite satisfying. Get creative with herbs like oregano, parsley and thyme. Add leftovers from your veggie drawer. Limit your self to one slice then fillĀ  up on veggies.

Add Fiber: Top your pizza with spinach, mushrooms and chopped bell pepper, to boost vitamins, as well as flavor. Other pie appropriate pickings are roasted butternut, squash, Cauliflower and eggplant.

Go for low(er) sodium: Most frozen pies are loaded with sodium, more so that your daily allowance. Make sure to check the label. The taste difference is minimal and every little bit helps.

Enjoy your food during pregnancy, just make wiser choices. Portion control is key, doctor up and aim for less sodium.

It’s pretty easy to healthy up that slice of pie! So enjoy the chow, in moderation of course.

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