Pool Exercises During Pregnancy- Q&A

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez June - 24 - 2014
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Because your nutrition and fitness are more important now than ever, you can maintain your enthusiasm for fitness with several forms of exercise. Low impact power walking, running, and yoga are great ways to stay healthy during your pregnancy. The Stork Magazine has one addition to your fitness regimen: pre-natal swimming!

Swimming with your blooming bud can be a refreshing and relaxing way to stay in shape during your pregnancy–especially in the summer. As a cardiovascular and large muscle (arms and legs) exercise, swimming can make you feel weightless when you are carrying extra weight with you.

Expecting Models Exercise Tips

Why do I need to exercise during my pregnancy?

Any aerobic exercise will help the body use and process oxygen, which is essential to mom and baby. Swimming will improve blood circulation, muscle strength, and endurance. As you burn calories by swimming, you will feel better, sleep peacefully, and embrace the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy much easier.

How do I swim safely during my pregnancy?

It is important not to over-exert yourself. Starting with a few stretches before entering the pool and some cool-down stretches after your aqua-mom workout will prevent muscle tears and day-after pain. Staying hydrated during your swim should not be forgotten. One cup of water before, after, and every 20 min during your swim is recommended for pregnant women who are enjoying their hydro lightweight, blossoming body.

How should I adjust a swimming routine as my pregnancy continues?

Swimming is a great form of exercise because you do not have to adjust from trimester to trimester. During the first trimester, swimming for 30 minutes daily can counteract nausea, especially first thing in the morning. For your second trimester, getting a maternity swimsuit will be more comfortable for your belly. As you enter your third, stick with the breaststroke and the backstroke so you are not shifting your torso as much. The breaststroke especially will lengthen your chest muscles and shorten your back muscles, which are areas that are misaligned during pregnancy.

Staying in shape and eating healthy during your pregnancy will help you and your baby run a smooth course as you carry your little one and through labor and delivery. Then, you and your baby can swim together and have this bonding activity as early as 12 weeks old!

What do you like to do for pregnancy exercise? Do you have any suggestions for Expecting Models for exercise regimens?

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    I love swimming while preg it’s my fav exercise. I was lucky to catch summer on my first pregnancy. But not with this one. I’m gonna hit winter until I have him now :(((((