Pop a little color to your beautiful bump!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 10 - 2015
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Black may be the safe way to go when you aren’t sure what to wear. It looks great with anything and everything but wearing just black can be a like having a little dark cloud over your head. With the warmer seasons coming, let’s get this shadow out of the way and add pops of color to your beautiful bump. It’s time to introduce some turquoise and red to that every day ensemble. Spring is just around the corner! Not into changing your whole style right away? Don’t fret, there’s simple little ways to add some life back in those winter leggings and fall jeans.

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Blouses- Not everyone can and wants to pull off a very busy top. The best way to bring a little creativity to your style is to add in pastel and light patterned colors. Have a loose fit or empire flowing shirt or a sexy little crop top. When dressing upscale for an occasion, accessorize your blouse with a longer necklace either silver or gold.

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Dresses- A simple spring or summer dress will allow you do feel the season and enjoy the weather more. You will feel less restricted and care free. You will also be stylish and super chic. Brightly striped patterned dresses are the in this spring along with plenty of accessories!

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Skirts- What is your body shape and size? A skirt can be your best friend or worst enemy so shop a while and try them on. Skirts are freeing and flowing and they allow you to dress up your wardrobe! Not into the short patterned skirt? Try a longer maxi skirt with a neat pattern or a plain skirt on the brighter side of life.

Scarves- Not ready to give up the winter? Scarves are a perfect accessory for the cooler days but also a lightweight article of clothing that can be used as a shawl, belt, or around your neck. Having a vibrant pattern outfit and a scarf that matches your skin tone will make your outfit stand out in a crowd. Or try it the other way around, having a basic outfit with a loud patterned scarf, but don’t wear anything to crazy to take away from that beautiful face.

Shoes- Flats, heels, wedges, sandals, anything at all can add a pop of color and a whole new look to your outfit. Use your shoes as a way to express yourself. Match them with a purse or belt, or just rock the brightly colored shoes on their own.

Earrings- Whether you are more of stud or hoop girl there’s always ways to style your wardrobe with small touches. An earring can help shape your face and give you a little style. Wearing more of a dramatic chandelier or colored earrings can give a simple pop to a basic outfit.

Necklaces– Use your accessories! There are so many beautiful necklaces that you can use for a little style pop to add to your basic black and earth toned wardrobe. Not sure which one to wear? Who said you have to wear only one, mix and match your turquoise stones with an emerald necklace the same length.

Handbags- A basic outfit can be more than appealing with an adorable clutch or purse that screams spring and summer colors. Have fun matching your bag with shoes or having an opposite but complimentary pattern. The brighter the better!

Belts- Grab and go, a belt will pretty much always go with some part of your wardrobe. Belts are great for not only holding you pants up, they are great to accentuating your waste and hips while adding a  little flavor and style to your every day attire.Maternity Model- Gap Maternity                                                                                    www.gap.com

Hats- Wearing a hat is wearing your confidence. Hats are a great addition to your style and its better to introduce them little bits at a time instead of going hat crazy all at once. Simple hats with brightly colored bands are one option, or lighter colored hats with a summer feel are always a plus.

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