Porsche Thomas! Black Bump Is Beautiful!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 8 - 2017
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Porsche Thomas handled Instagram haters with dignity and class! Never retaliating, Porsche laughed at all negative and racist comments then chose to send positive energy to those who suffer from bigotry.

As Ms. Thomas’ Maternity Model agent,  Expecting Models Agency, can confirm that Thomas, a first time mother of twin boys, is a well sought after top model with professional beauty and fashion campaigns that grace the fashion industry across the world! As a maternity modeling agency, CEO and Founder, I will say that Porsche is one of the most beautiful black pregnant woman Expecting Models Agency has ever seen! This woman has an infectious smile and sparkling eyes that reveal the true beautiful person that she is!

Porsche Thomas visits Expecting Models

Porsche Thomas visits Expecting Models. Photo by: Liza Elliott-Ramirez

As a pregnant model, a lot of attention is focused on your physical appearance. During her pregnancy Porsche Thomas kept in fantastic shape and generously shared her flawless baby bump. Her beautiful dark black skin glimmered with glowing perfection. She dares to bare!

Some Instagram users didn’t have very nice things to say. Graciously, Porsche Thomas laughed at all negative comments and did not feel the need  to defend, apologize, excuse, or explain her beautiful Black Bump! Porsche Thomas is beautiful inside and out!




After spending a few hours with Porsche Thomas, laughing, sharing and having fun during our Maternity Photo shoot, we all left feeling so positive, grateful and inspired! Porsche Thomas is one of the most enchanting, loving beautiful souls of all time! Porsche Thomas is the type of woman you crave to be around!

 View our maternity model photo shoot with Porsche Thomas!

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