Postpartum Physique

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez July - 18 - 2014
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Before you feel discouraged about your postpartum figure, remember that your pregnancy was nine months of gradual growth. You body will bounce back but not overnight. Don’t expect to shrink in a week because your breastfeeding. The rule generally goes like this… Nine Months up, Nine Months down! Have patience and give it time. Take a moment to thank your body for the amazing feat it accomplished.

Don’t be fooled by silly belly compression wraps and belts. They don’t work. Getting down to size means going back to basics! A healthy diet and moderate exercise will ease your body into pre-pregnancy form in its divine order.

Mommy workouts

Pregnancy and postpartum essentials are over-rated. Keep it simple. Your body will go back to its normal size without you having to spend more and more money buying compression bands and belts that claim to get your body to lose weight.

The only women who bounce back automatically are Hollywood Stars. Yeah right…

Don’t be fooled! Do the work with a healthy diet and exercise!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Michelle F. says:

    I am so curious how my body will be postpartum! Not just how long it will take to bounce back, but how different my hip/chest measurements will be, etc. So many questions! I think I will track my progress and keep a journal to document the changes.

  2. Camila Damas says:

    I know second preg is always harder for the body to come back. On the first one I didn’t had to do none. But on this I know I’ll. so ill def need a workout plan