Power up your Pregnant Pretty!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez May - 8 - 2013
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Expecting a baby is a change of life. Creating new life deserves a new you, a smooth you!  Your pregnancy fashion journey begins now!

Yes, you!  We are talking to you! You’re pretty and pregnant with promise! So now, let’s power you up with adding pregnancy hip hopping trends!

The bold and beautiful wild orange color adds a modern twist with a timeless slim silhouette. Fashionable Stretch fabric allows an easy fit.

Jazz up with a hike above the knees, with detailing sides for more belly room.

 Maternity Clothes

Available at Gap Maternity

Have you heard, hats are the most fun during pregnancy? Rev up and rethink your pregnant fashionista update. Masterful mixing has dazzling results. Add a riot of torch with this stunner trend. A Hip Hat!

Maternity AccessoriesAvailable at Gap Maternity

Add a wedge to your pregnant step for an easy glide. Walking with a pregnant belly  is a balancing act of it’s own. Now let’s narrow down the rest of your walk by supporting you one step at a time!

Maternity style- wedge heelAvailable at Shop Bop

Go ahead and grant yourself a head start as a hip mom. This is the perfect time to introduce Trendy Hip Mom Gear that will double up as an extra large chic diaper bag!

Trendy Diaper Bag

Available at Timi & Leslie

Now that you are a Trending Mom with a better fashion image, kick stock your journey into Motherhood with thoughts of inspiring love,  peace and harmony!

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