Pregnancy and teeth

Posted by Lizette Alicea March - 11 - 2012
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Expecting Models, have you noticed changes in your gums? If you have, then you probably also have rosy cheeks. The increase in blood flow during pregnancy that gives a woman that pregnancy glow also effects the gums. Sometimes leaving the gums very sensitive and susceptible to teeth issues.

Your second trimester is a good time to visit the dentist. Keeping a clean and healthy mouth is optimal always, but especially during pregnancy.

Brush your teeth regularly with an electric or soft brushed manual toothbrush and floss at least once a day. Be sure to use a toothpaste with fluoride. On camera, your smile is engaging and exudes the epitome of what healthy should look like. That’s the shot.  However, you not only want pearly whites, you want healthy gums.

If you get morning sickness, do not brush your teeth immediately after being sick.  You may want to brush right away, however the acid from your stomach can cause tooth erosion and brushing will only impact it.  Rinse thoroughly with water and then rinse with minty flavored rinse with fluoride and then wait an hour before you brush. Sounds all so very dramatic, but your smile helps make money so patience and creating a routine is key.

Sugar cravings are unavoidable for many pregnant women, but not always necessary to indulge. Keeping a travel kit and cleaning your teeth on the go when you have a sudden craving will diminish the craving. That’s of course if you want to avoid it. As always, balance your diet and maintain dental hygiene for optimal health during pregnancy and beyond. For more dental information ask your hygienist.

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