Pregnancy and Wisdom

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez August - 26 - 2013
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As your belly grows so does wisdom. Consider how the interweaving of your positive and negative aspects of your life have spurred your personal growth and transformation. Haven’t your struggles and wounds helped you grow? In this present moment, your unborn baby is a part of you. Your experiences, love and strength.

As your trimesters carry on into the next phase, practice good karma. Even when it feels easier to let a sad moment take over or anger turn to rage stop and think about how your actions have consequences. If you explore your life on a bigger scale, hindsight usually reveals that everything happens for a reason.

Maternal Wisdom

Pay attention to your habitual thought patterns. Write them down and recognize the feeling. Store that impression so that you’llĀ  become familiar with what triggers them. As you seek to learn more about your character, with time you may recognize areas that push you into that feeling.

See yourself as an observer. What are you seeing? As yourself detailed questions so that you can recognize the things that you can change to create good karmic effects.

Good Karma can sow the seeds of positive changes in your life.

1. Start the day with a positive intention: It could be something like, “I’m at one with the changes in my body,” or “I’m living life right now so efficiently, so I can have a little more time to take off with my baby.” Notice how your intentions guide your day.

2. Get Clear about your motivations: One key to positive karma is to act with a positive motive. For example, if you’re about to make a critical comment, check to see why you’re doing it. If you discern a hidden feeling of envy or self -righteousness, consider buttoning your lip or offering a compliment instead.

3. Act for the good of others: Certain acts and thoughts create positive reflections, which result in a positive life experiences. Decide to do something kind for a week. For example, invite another pregnant gal from your pre-natal yoga class to lunch. Then lend a listening ear.

4. Let go of a bad habit: Sometimes just letting go of a minor habit can produce a positive outcome. Choose to do something different. Start with something fairly simple like going to the grocery store and avoiding buying sweets. Replace the craving with Watermelon, Apples or Nuts. Or roll out of bed early to gain an early start on exercise.

5. Make an offering: Practice being generous, then take a moment to inwardly give your offer for the benefit of others. This will surround that energy and help ensure that your action is surrounded by beneficial motivation.

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