Pregnancy beauty and fashion should be practical

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez April - 7 - 2013
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Looking good during your pregnancy can act as fresh style to maxi up your spirit. Let’s face it, expecting a baby can be taxing on your mind and  body. Working to soothe your inner and outer beauty shouldn’t be a complicated task! As a matter a fact, with so many maternity resources at your fingertips, glam-ing up can easily be done in the privacy of your own home. When it comes to skin, you can have an elegant spa experience without even leaving the house.

Hydrate your skin by a warm shower, then massage lotion during the day and tummy butter before bed at night.

Maternity Spa in the privacy of you're own home

You’re commitment to maternity fashion should be practical. For example, take a colorful form-fitting V-neck T-shirt, pair with khaki shorts and funky hat. Here’s a clean, simple yet trendy style.

Gap Maternity fashion- Expecting Models

Available at: Gap Maternity  


Remember to keep your look close to your natural style. Add a tinge of seasonal colors,  just enough so it doesn’t look like an experiment.

Keep you pregnancy style going, but stay close to the look in you’re home room collection. You’re pregnant and you are already enhanced. So let’s keep you looking like you with a little tweak of effort!


Maternity Modeling Agency: Expecting Models

Pregnant Model: Tatyana D.


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