Pregnancy and Body Piercing

Posted by Lauren Robinson September - 10 - 2014
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pregnancy piercings

Having a baby changes almost every aspect of your life. It changes your body, it changes your priorities, it changes your budget, and even how you spend your time. Now of course, all of these changes were expected, but sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your identity inside of your pregnancy. But the truth is, you can still be same beautiful you. You can keep your individuality throughout your pregnancy!

Piercings have quickly become a way of life. It’s a way to feel sexy, free, and full of personality. Once you’re pregnant, the body piercings that you used to adore easily turn from fab to drab! You wonder if you have to take them out, and if you’ll have to wait almost a year to go through the piercing process again. It’s not that your aren’t happy about your growing baby, you just don’t want to lose yourself in the process. However, there is great news, amazing even. Whether you have one of the most common of body piercings for women, a navel ring, or even the newer of the trends, nipple piercings, you can keep them throughout your pregnancy.

Navel rings are no longer just for small flat stomachs. There are some made especially for baby bumps. And since each pregnancy is different, each ring is different. There are some with a short flexible bar for those of us whose bellies never really protrude much, and there are others with super long flexi bars. The longer bars accommodate those baby bumps that are a little on the larger side. So no worries, even if you’re having twins, you can keep amazing piece of jewelry! Some companies have even become so creative that they’ve placed sweet sayings, phrases, and baby-themed charms on bottom half of the rings. These messages and charms can range from “It’s a girl” or “twins”, to pacifier and rattle charms.

As for the nipple rings, companies have yet to create baby-themed jewelry, but purchasing blue or pink rings could be a great way to celebrate your pregnancy. The longer you’ve had your piercings, the better. If you are completely healed up then you shouldn’t experience anything but a natural soreness in your breast. However, if these are fairly new additions to your body jewelry collection, then you may experience a little more soreness. So it’s important to listen to your body. If you feel the need to remove them, then go for it. Especially if you are preparing to breast feed. Nipple jewelry can be a choking hazard for you little one. But as soon as the feeding time is over, you can feel free to reinsert them.

So don’t fret, you won’t lose yourself. You can be who you are, and who you’ve always been. Your pregnancy and your individuality don’t have to clash. Trust me, they can work very well together.

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  1. Camila Damas says:

    Ouch. Would never do nipple piercing. Plus. Woman’s that have their nipples pierce have more changes of not being able to breasfeed. It affects the milk production. Would never do that. I have a belly piercing. As soon as I find out I’m preg I remove them. My belly pops out and I think belly piecing+preg doesn’t go together. It looks HIDIOUS. So I only put them back on when my belly is back in shape