Pregnancy Cravings

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez January - 12 - 2012
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Expecting Models like all expecting women are not exempt from the desire to eat a little extra something sweet, salty or sour during pregnancy.  Although eating healthy is generally a daily practice, being pregnant induces an intense desire to consume a specific food.  Some crave Mac and Cheese others crave olives on cheesecake while still others crave the infamous and really not only during pregnancy, Chocolate.

Anything chocolate will do for many. However, too much of any one type of food, even what’s good for you in excess can be harmful to you and baby.  Modify your intake. Maintain balance. Make wise decisions while indulging your craving.

pregnant craving

pregnant craving

Balance pregnant cravings with water, fruit, and salads and in proportion to the rest of your diet and nutritional intake.

Enjoy your splurge but don’t let them become the center of your diet and of course exercise.  Balancing your life will allow you to enjoy all aspects of your pregnancy without feeling like you can’t have what you want and crave. You can have it all so long as there is a harmonious balance.


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