Pregnancy dreams

Posted by Lizette Alicea February - 10 - 2015
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Pregnancy dreams may be more vivid now because you are excited, anxious and on an emotional roller coaster. If you are the type that always remembers your dreams, then you’ll most likely remember several dreams per night depending on how many times you wake to use the bathroom.

Some people never really pay attention to their dreams, however during pregnancy the dreams that come from your subconscious will absolutely reveal your emotional and psychological state throughout your pregnancy. No different from normal right? True, but you must be mindful of the amazing transitions occurring in your life. It is getting full. You are growing, working and adjusting. You are on double duty in your head. Your dreams can result in  a rested evening or rock you through out the night and leave you exhausted and even more anxious.

Take care of your mind. Find time to meditate and to unwind before you go to sleep. Aromatherapy, long baths and a nice read will help your brain transition from go-go to settle down. No, this is no different than before you were pregnant, but you are. Your thoughts are different. Your energy is different and your mood. Let’s face it, you’re more moody than you used to be. Smile and breath in and allow the noise in your head to fade so your thoughts are rinsed from anxiety and reconciled.

Focus on the dreams you’ve had that brought you to this amazing time of growth and expansion. Smiling is important. When we smile our energy shifts. Sitting still helps us to embrace our selves. Give yourself a hug before you go to sleep. Settle in the amazing life you’re building and allow your dreams to reflect that state of mind and emotion. Sleep well.

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