The Truth about your “Pregnancy Glow”

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez October - 9 - 2013
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Pregnant woman naturally have “that glow.” Although we tend to name this “the pregnant pretties”, it’s often caused by an increased blood circulation that is common during a pregnancy.  You’re body will produce  a more active blood flow to support your growing baby. You heart is pumping 50 percent more blood than your normal circulation. Though this attractive glow may come as a bonus,  the redness and flushing may cause breakouts or irritation.  If you are experiencing hot flashes or your face feels flushed, avoid sun, humid climates and hot beverages. Make sure to rinse your face with cool water and avoid heavy makeup. To alleviate irritated skin try misting your face with mineral water and turn up the fan or air conditioner. To counteract redness, apply  pressed powder in a lightly more golden, yellow tone. Slap on a sun kiss gloss then accept and enjoy the benefits of your naturally pretty pregnancy!




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