Pregnancy Pass Please!

Posted by Lauren Robinson April - 22 - 2014
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pregnancy pass

During pregnancy, and even after pregnancy, there are lots of changes that occur around us and in us. Between our minds and bodies, it’s almost surprising that our heads aren’t actually spinning. There are some things that are beyond our control, things we cannot help, and things that some people don’t know how to understand. And for those things, we could use a pregnancy pass.

It’s possible that you haven’t freaked out at all during your pregnancy, well at least not yet. Maybe you’re just craving all of the unhealthy things that you haven’t been able to get your hands on. Well here is your ticket. It’s ok to indulge just a little. Don’t feel bad for a little chocolate here and there. Something sweet might just be the key to happiness. But if you happen to have a partner who will just absolutely die, figuratively speaking of course, if they see you eat anything that isn’t a fruit of vegetable, then now is the time to ask for a pregnancy pass. Trust me, you’ve earned it.

But maybe healthy eating or the lack thereof hasn’t been a struggle for. You’re pregnancy may be going according to plan, but you just haven’t been feeling up to it. You may find yourself avoiding the alone time with your partner, because you haven’t found a great way to tell them that you just don’t want to have sex. Don’t feel bad. It happens. There are plenty of women who lose their desire for sex during pregnancy. Between your body and your hormones changing, it’s almost expected that your desires change as well. Here is the time to explain your feelings. And you’ve earned a pregnancy pass. Your partner should understand, and be more than supportive.

Okay, so we’ve spoken to our currently pregnant mammas, and their pregnancy passes are totally valid. But these aren’t just for the ladies with buns still in the oven. If you’re a new mommy, you may need one too. Plenty of us see those miracle stories of mothers with six pack abs after only 3 months after giving birth. The truth is that our bodies are all different. Some bounce back a little easier, especially if this was your first pregnancy. And others, we are normal women who have to work at it. This isn’t the time to get flustered. Relax, you only performed one of the most rewarding life experiences ever. You gave birth. Give yourself a pregnancy pass. Sure you should keep eating healthy and working out. But don’t beat yourself up, don’t be extreme, and don’t give up on dessert!

Maybe throughout your pregnancy you were totally happy, and you couldn’t wait to meet this amazing little person inside you. But now you may be having feeling of separation, or maybe even feeling like you don’t know your baby. It’s possible to have these feeling of depersonalization. It’s not that you don’t love your baby, and it’s not because you’re crazy, it’s part of the pregnancy aftermath for some of us ladies. Post-Partum Depression (PPD) is more common than many of us women may think it is. And it’s OK if some people in your immediate circle have never experienced it, that’s what a pregnancy pass is for. Talk to them, tell them what’s going on. And if you need additional advice, contact your physician, or you could even join a support group.

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