Pregnancy Power

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez September - 12 - 2013
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During pregnancy it’s a powerful gift that you completely show yourself to others without the option of holding back. To share this deep aspect of yourself takes courage. Fear of exposing yourself may be a feeling but you get to work through the process. It’s the ultimate lesson of letting go and along with this comes the most potent super power. To become positively pregnant isn’t as hard as it may feel.

pregnancy powerNow you can let down the walls of self-protection. Feeling your body change is new and challenging but you no longer have to resist. For me being pregnant was the highest level of spiritual connection to the creator. When you become a mother, your body will automatically adapt to this new strength and courage. You’ll find that time is well spent, you won’t sweat the small stuff and your values will shift.

Living in your body as a creator of life is a gift. There is tons of happiness to find in this journey. Allowing yourself to feel different in your brand new body is a shared experience. Not a day goes by where one pregnant woman isn’t feeling vulnerable. It simply goes with the territory.

Create your sacred space to enter into your world of consciousness. Whether it’s through meditation, maternal fitness or a simple walk, allow yourself to embrace your divine experience. Open up to this wonderful opportunity to be a mother with child. As you are the embodiment of the divine female body.

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  1. […] You’ve gotten this far with lots of determination and now the time is here where you get to be the grand example of what your child will receive. Feels like a tall order, right? Well, as you learn about other moms who have taken their ability to do it all while keeping a marriage happy and maintaining an inner spirit glow, yes it’s is possible. It can be accomplished, but first there must be a commitment. The first commitment is making a conscious choice to take things lightly. The glass is always half full, even if it doesn’t feel that way. When the shift hits the fan, learn internal ways of self soothing. Breathing always works. Life will accompany you with many changes and going with the flow can be a challenge. Sometimes you just have to choose your battles, pause, don’t react, count to ten, or take a long walk and breath, this take power. […]

  2. […] So let’s make friends, agree and disagree. But as long as you keep an open-minded and willing to demonstrate tolerance, you may find compassion and healing and probably a few new friends. Own your Pregnancy Power! […]