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Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez July - 9 - 2015
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Pregnancy comes with it’s own set of worries. Some fear the unknown, while others spend endless hours reading about all the all the things that will never happen. While it’s important to stay educated, it’s equally imperative that you live in the moment. Right here, right now, you are handling you’re life in session. Even in smooth sailing pregnancies, mom’s-to-be run into bumps in the road that are not your own. Anxiety while expecting can be triggered by hormones, body changes, and mood swings. Two hormones, Progesterone and estrogen go into overdrive during pregnancy and can play a number on your mind!

The great news is that a woman’s brain is wired to handle stress and anxiety while pregnant. Without a few problems we’d never get the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of a great solution. Stay in tuned with your body. It’ll give you signals to speed up, or slow down. Some of call this “Nesting.”

Here are a few tips to help enhance your positive pregnancy:

Accept knowledge in moderation: Not everything you read is going to happen to you. So take what you need and dump the rest. Hang onto the positive thoughts. You have the power to decide that your cup is half full, not empty!

Groove and Snooze: Exercise is important. Make sure you check with your OBGYN and get medical clearance before starting any exercise routine. Once you are approved; Dance, swim, get to that pre-natal yoga class you’ve been putting off. Then Rest! Sleep is the healing forces for the human body/bodies!

Set up your first Play Date: Of course not with another baby… meet another mom-to-be with the same struggles. Whether you’re pregnant or not, people need people! Absolutely no one has gotten to where they are alone. So keep an open mind and allow someone new to enter your life. Then remember, if you want a good friend, you have to be one!

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Most importantly, enjoy your pregnancy. This stage of your life is not forever so embrace the process. You’re body will be yours again, soon enough!




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