Pregnancy Thoughts

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez March - 1 - 2012
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The ultimate feeling of not being able to turn back the hands of time aren’t what you’ve expected. As your body grows, if you were anything like me, I wanted to reach in and pull my baby out. Although there is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s hard to see, that far at least.

As you approach the final moments remember that every person walking on this planet has a mom who went through the exact body changes. It’s not forever, and in time, it’ll all be worth the wait. A woman’s body is prepared to bounce back, and that’s certainly what you can expect.

Take into account how brave you are. It takes so much courage to say yes to pregnancy and motherhood. You life matters and for whatever it’s worth right now, and as you are reading this page, make a note, that many ladies just like you are reading it too. Others right here, right now, are feeling exactly what you are feeling.

Pregnant model thoughtsphoto by: Beverli Alford

To get past feeling different, it’s important to find a community of moms who circle around one another with support and love. If you are particularly unsettled, here is your golden opportunity to reach out to someone on this platform. Get into the forum, or reality moms or peace and harmony.

Remember, I’ve created this idea because, I too was a pregnant model. Now we’ve hatched and The Stork Magazine is here for you.

Blessings are right under your nose, so take a minute to smell the rose in you!

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  1. Jamia Eaton says:

    You hit the nail right on the head with this one! Pregnancy/motherhood is difficult when you’re facing it alone! When you surround yourself with positive influences who have “been there done that” it makes the journey a lot smoother. Challenges will still come, but having a pool of resources can make it victorious! I thank my family, my extended church family, the 2 homeschool/mom groups I joined when Sanai (my 8 year old) was just 6 months old! Without these fabulous moms that had a wealth of knowledge to share, I may have hit insanity a few times…lol! The Stork Magazine is a great resource to know “your not alone”.

    Thanks Liza for your inspiration and encouragement! It has made a world of difference to so many!!

    • Liza Elliott-Ramirez says:

      yes, you don’t have to be alone. Especially knowing that as a model, you’ve probably worked or have known at least 5 ladies with Expecting Models. I smile every time EM ladies reunite because they are expecting. It’s such a beautiful community of women, that really understand each other and the world of modeling and motherhood.
      Being on my end has given me such a wealth of beauty and gratitude, it still gives me chills. God must have been shining when I got to share the lives of so many beautiful women. Gosh… what a blessing! Life is beautiful, even with it’s challenges:-) Mia, you are such a special soul. Beautiful inside and out!!!!