Tips on how to travel during pregnancy!

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez February - 25 - 2015
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Expecting Model Jade Davis shares a few tips for gals that are planning to board a plane with their belly.

Pregnancy Travel Tips

 1) GET THE GREEN LIGHT FROM YOUR DOCTOR. Regardless of where you are within your pregnancy, make sure that it’s okay for you to travel. If you are at high risk, it just isn’t worth it.

 2) TRAVEL INSURANCE is a must! Be sure that both you and your baby will be covered if you go into early labor.

 3) PACK A LIGHT so you don’t have to lug a huge around heavy baggage.

 4) TRY TO ELIMINATE SITTING DOWN BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT, instead walk around and browse in the shops that are close by. As tired as you may feel, remember how long you’ll be sitting down on the plane.

 5) WEAR A GOOD PAIR OF PREGNANCY SUPPORT HOSE, OR KNEE SOCKS. This will help avoid dangerous swelling in your feet and legs. I found the support hose a little tight around my belly at 7 months, so I switched to the knee socks and found they did the same trick but with the added comfort.

 6) BUY A LARGE BOTTLE OF WATER to keep yourself and the baby hydrated. Don’t worry about the multiple bathroom breaks. It’s a good reason for you to get up on the plane and walk around!

 7) STRETCH, it’ll help get the blood flowing. When you get up for a bathroom break, go to the back of the plane (for privacy) and do a few leg stretches. Doctors say you shouldn’t be sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

 8) GET AN AISLE SEAT. This will help eliminate crawling over your neighbor and annoying them!

 9) USE YOUR PREGNANCY CARD! Don’t be afraid to ask someone for assistance if you’re struggling.  Remember it’s not worth looking like a hero, your baby comes first!

 My favorite travel experience has been flying to Portugal at one month pregnant with my husband. We got the good news days before our flight departed. No one knew, and it was our little secret! The vacation turned into a romantic “babymoon”. It was a wonderful trip, and full of memories that we will always treasure. However, the vineyard tours that we had planned somewhat changed. My husband, Ken did all the tasting, while I gladly stepped aside and watched!

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