Pregnant choice to create Love

Posted by Diana Nieves October - 3 - 2016
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Love is the sensation we feel in our hearts and through out our bodies letting us know we are in alignment with ourselves and there is no fear. This is a feeling that connects us to our core essence. The key word here is “connection.” We feel connected when we feel Love. We feel Love when we feel connected. And when we feel connected to ourselves well then we have the capacity to Love the whole world.

Pregnancy and peaceLove is a choice and can be created. We can choose to love someone when we focus on a person’s essence and this allows us to connect to the person. We can create love by taking action to love through forgiveness, compassion, affection, by being loving, by giving, caring, responding, understanding and accepting someone for who they are, etc. We choose to create the connection and we feel love.

Love is the feeling we feel when someone understands us completely including our self. We have the ability to understand when we create the space and choose to do so. And we just know, that nothing else matters in that space. We don’t feel alone even though we may not be in anyone’s presence. There is no separation, no pain or hurry. Everything is still and silent yet active and loud. It is peaceful and full. When we heal our past hurts, release our resentments, and increase our self-esteem and self-worth our capacity to love increases. We are connected. When we are connected, we are clear on what we really want to create and we can see our choices.

Love is a choice of creation. Choose consciously and honestly.  Choose to create LOVE.


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